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Dog Grooming Tips Blog

Visiting a professional dog groomer may be a bliss! But we can bet your pup gets dirty or smelly in-between the visits to your pup's personal stylist. What to do then? Create dog grooming studio at home, we will let you know how!
Detangled case of the dog brush case! Read to find out what are the different types of dog brushes & how to choose the perfect one!
Puppies are the great joy and responsibility! New pooch can be an overwhelming task, in this article we have covered everything you need to know about grooming a puppy!
Find out everything about wet pet wipes. How are they made, what types there are and how to use them!
Find out the difference between organic and natural dog shampoo. What are the benefits of those and which one is the best options for your pup!
Dog hair, fur, coat? What your pooch has? Not sure how to answer? If you are no clear on this question, then you might be using the wrong shampoo for your dog! Read this article to find out!
Are you a proud owner of a white fur-iend? We feel your excitement & love, that is finished up with extra care to keep the dog's coat clean & shiny!
Let's face it, you never know when you run out of dog shampoo, but paws are super muddy! What to do then? Check out the natural & safe substitues to clean your pooch, if you have no dog shampoo
Dog conditioner is not another useless addition to the dog grooming ritual, but a necessity to create shiny & silky look for you pooch! Do you use conditioner yourself? Then why don't you use it on your pup?
Dog fur vs dog hair? Feeling lost and not sure about what type your pooch is? No worries, we have the most detailed and straightforward explanation, so you do not need any additional research!