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If you have ever pondered why your dog chews, bites, or licks his paws and nails, you're not alone! It's one of the owners' most common questions about their dogs. Read on to learn how to treat this
Dog owners often want to give their pets a name that is meaningful, and sometimes food comes into play. This article contains some of the cutest dog names inspired by specific foods items. The following food names for dogs are all popular & cute and would make perfect picks for a younger pup with a playful nature.
Owners can find out how their dog would react to pumpkin seeds and whether they are healthy for dogs or not. Interested in the benefits of pumpkin seeds and want to know if they're safe for your pet? This article can help!
If you're searching for a home remedy to treat dog scooting, this article has the answers you've been looking for. Our list of simple and effective at-home remedies can help your pet feel better in no time.
Early signs of pain are hard to detect. Learn about ten different warning signs that can help you provide the right amount of care for your dog's pain problems. To help you treat the pain, we will discuss how to deal with these symptoms.
Does your pup have itching skin? Say no more! Check out this article and find the perfect anti-itch shampoo for your pup!
Just like adding a dog to your family, we hope you get a curly cat breed not only because you find them irrestiably adorable but because you have done your research and you want to help them experience a beautiful and well-lived life. Any cat, be it curly haired, straight haired, fluffy or bald need your time, care, and lots of love! Pride+Groom is a destination for the perfect pet life so don’t hesitate to check us out for products and valuable information.
Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to switch up your Pomeranian's haircut style for the season. In warmer climates, shorter styles like the teddy bear cut or lamb cut will maintain a cool temperature for your Pom. Pomeranians need extra care in summer and shaving their hairs must be avoided in summertime as their double coat keeps them warm and safe during harsh weather conditions.
Springerdoodles are one of the cutest dog breeds our there! Check out our breed guide to find interesting facts & grooming tips for springerdoodle owners (or owners-to-be)!
Does your dog have favorite sleeping positions? Check out what every dog sleeping position mean in this article!
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Skin tags are very frequent in dogs! Check out our guide on the causes and treatments of skin tags in dogs!