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How often should I wash my dog? 

We typically recommend washing your dog every 3 weeks, but just like people some dogs get dirtier than others.  Our products are clean and natural and won’t harm your pup with more frequent use.


Should I dry my dog? 

Yes please do! Gently squeeze out any access water from longer hair and towel dry.  Gently brush, comb wet hair.  Use a hair dryer on a lower heat and power setting.  The ionized quieter dryers are best. Brush, comb when dry. 


How do I know if my dog is a Shedder or Non Shedder? 

Non shedding dogs have hair which is usually longer and finer than dogs with fur (shedders).  Non shedders can have straight, wavy or curly hair that grows in a single layer.

Shedders have fur which is denser. They often have an undercoat that is shorter and you will notice more of it on your furniture and yourself during different points in the season.


What is the difference between The Shedder & The Non Shedder formulas? 

The Shedder was designed for the dog's fur. It has moisturizing and nourishing ingredients for the fur and skin. The formula contains: avocado oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, jojoba seed oil, Niaouli oil and Aloe.

The Non Shedder was designed for the dog's hair and besides all the good nourishing oils it also containsMarshmallow root extract .

We did a lot of research and are introducing this unique ingredient, which is a popular ingredient in many hair conditioners for its amazing, slippery texture for easy detangling as well as softening the hair. It is high in plant protein that promotes healthy hair growth and shine while also soothing dry scalp and skin inflammation.


Learn all about shedding-as explained by our friends at embark


How do I know if my dog is a Sensitive One? 

If your dog suffers from skin allergies and is prone to itchy skin then The Sensitive One is the shampoo for them.  For serious skin issues please consult your veterinarian.


Do I need to use The Final Coat? 

Can you be too pretty and smell too good?  No and either can your pup.  Our Shampoo will leave their coat clean, shiny and smelling amazing, but The Final Coat will seal the deal.   For ultimate results, grab some treats, their favorite (waterproof) toy and leave on for 5-10 minutes. 


Can I use PRIDE+GROOM on myself? 

You absolutely can, and we absolutely have. Fair warning, you might not go back.


What’s Proud? 

PROUD is the essence of PRIDE+GROOM. It’s the unique scent we created to capture the playfulness and joy of having a dog. PROUD is free of toxins and harmful ingredients.  We can't help but smile when people ask us what scent we are wearing.  Use it on your pups, yourselves and anywhere in your home that could use a little love.


Do you support any charities? 

YES! We donate THE ONE FUR ALL shampoo to shelters with the hope that a great smelling, sparkly dog will have an easier time finding a furever home. If you have any suggestions of shelters you would like us to be affiliated with please reach out. (see: THE GIVE).


What shipping service do you use? 

We ship UPS ground unless you choose expedited shipping. Trust us we understand! 


Do you ship internationally? 

Quel dommage, at the moment we do not. Add your email to stay updated or check back soon. Danke.

Can I return merchandise? 

We do not accept returns, however our product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. PRIDE+GROOM recommends washing techniques based on the principles of professional dog grooming If you're concerned about a particular product, simply test a small area before washing. If you have any concerns about product, please email customer support. For questions regarding use please email us.


Can I cancel my order? 

You may only cancel your order on the same day it was placed, but not after. We typically ship orders right away.


What happens if my shipment arrives damaged? 

If your order is damaged, please notify us immediately. We’ll provide instructions. Please include your order number in your email. Email:


What is your contact information? 


17 E. 12th Street Floor 3 NY NY 10003