“I never liked the chemical scent of my dogs’ shampoo. But this set for nonshedding pups (others are for shedders or sensitive skin–havers) uses all-natural ingredients, so hugs don’t leave me waiting to exhale. And 10 percent of proceeds go to animal welfare groups, which earns Sadie’s approval!” — As Oprah says in the December 2020 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine
On Proud THE SCENT: Give Fido’s coat a spritz of this formulated deodorizer. It’s fresh, unusual, and just like your dog, an instant mood lifter.
Non-shedding dogs need haircare, too. This dog shampoo is formulated specifically for non-shedders, with healing, nourishing, and shine-inducing properties that promote healthy hair without leaving grease or a sticky, heavy feeling behind. (The ingredients are all-natural, too.)
Specially formulated for dogs with fur (rather than hair), Pride+Groom’s “The Shedder” shampoo—like all their products—has been made with natural ingredients that benefit your pooch. Avocado oil provides nourishment, flaxseed protects and promotes a healthy coat and marshmallow root kills bacteria while soothing irritated skin. Also available are shampoos for non-shedding dogs and those with sensitive skin, as well as conditioner. And all their products have the same signature scent which is subtle yet fresh, and delightful to snuggle up to.
Through meticulous formulation, the group developed a collection of products that addresses the needs of different types of skin and coats using all natural ingredients, with chic packaging that blends with the aesthetic of the sophisticated pet owner.
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