Everything you need to prep, dry,  maintain and treat your dog's coat beautifully.

Pride+Groom is the ultimate solution for pet owners who want to give their pup a luxurious grooming experience. With THE ONLY BRUSH, THE SWIPE wet pet wipes and THE MANE TAME waterless pet shampoo, Pride+Groom allows you to groom your pet quickly and easily—without having to take them to the salon! Our THE ONLY BRUSH 2-sided dog brush provides gentle but thorough detangaling and shedding of dog’s hair and fur, while THE SWIPE feature quickly cleans away dirt, debris and excess fur. Pride+Groom helps you to have clean and fresh-smelling pup in-between baths and grooming sessions.

Pride+Groom’s waterless dog shampoo is perfect for travelling, as it is designed to be lightweight, yet effective. Pride+Groom's in-between bath dog grooming products are the perfect addition to your pet grooming routine, providing a comfortable space for your pup to relax while they get a quick clean. Pride+Groom's products are designed to be easy to use and long-lasting effect, making them a useful and practical solution for pet owners. Pride+Groom's products are also ideal for dog care on the go, as they are designed to be portable and do not require water. Our Beyond the bath dog grooming products will help to eliminats odors while leaving your pup feeling squeaky clean in the matter of minutes. So why waste time and money at the salon when you can do it all yourself with Pride+Groom? Give your pet the love and care they deserve—all without ever leaving home!