dog sleeping positions and their meaning, why my dog sleeps so

Top 10 Dog Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning

Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the world. They are also the most adorable! Just like humans, dogs have normal sleeping positions and patterns. Interestingly, a dogs' sleeping habits and positions can impact their health and well-being.

The following are 10 common dog sleeping positions. We are sure you will recognize which one(s) your furry little friend gravitates to. Your dog may look silly in certain sleeping positions, but if someone videotaped us sleeping we’d probably be surprised at what we saw.

The Donut Position

One of the cutest dog sleeping positions is the donut position. In this sleeping position dogs are curled into a ball like a donut with the two front legs and the two back legs tucked close to their body. Occasionally your pooch will roll up so tightly that her snout wraps around her back legs.

dog donut sleeping position


Dogs like to sleep in this position to protect themselves from their surroundings and regulate their body temperature. If you bring in a new pet into your home, you might be likely to find them sleeping in this position.

The Cuddler Position

This is one of the cutest dog sleeping positions as it often includes more than one dog! A dog sleeps curled up on top of a human or another dog in this common position. This posture is perfect if you want to cuddle your dog or make him feel loved.

cuddler dog sleeping position


This photogenic dog sleeping position is the perfect embodiment of bonding, love, and affection. According to veterinarians,  a dog who sleeps in the cuddle position is a dog who wants to stay close to his loved ones, be it two-legged or four-legged friends.

Side Sleeper Position

The side sleeper is probably one of the most common dog sleeping positions a dog will take when sleeping. When a dog sleeps in this position he is exposing his vital organs which means he or she feels safer and more relaxed thus resulting in a good night's sleep.

side sleeping dog posture


A dog feels safe, at ease, and relaxed in this sleeping position. It also implies that the dog's body heat is normal and in friendly surroundings.

Superman Position

In this sleeping position, instead of curling up into a ball, both the front and the back legs are fully stretched out and flat. This position can also be seen during playtime or when the dog is excited about something. It's called "Superman" because it resembles a superhero flying through the air with his arms stretched out in front of him.
dogs superman position


Dogs who use this sleeping posture are always ready for playtime in the blink of an eye, even when tired. This position is also an excellent indicator of canines with high volumes of energy.

The Lion's Pose Position

This is one of the most common dog sleeping positions, and it is also known as a sphinx. In this position, dogs fall asleep with their legs extended to the back and their head placed on their paws. The dogs may also doze off in this position by tucking their paws and placing their hind legs to the side.

Lion pose dog position


In the lion's position, the sleeping dog is ready to run at a moment's notice. Experts have stated that a dog that is sleeping using this position is alert enough to jump at anytime.

Burrower Position

This position is also known as "duck-and-cover," in which a cute dog sleeps hiding under pillows, blankets or even a pile of clothes. This position is most commonly known as a "Burrower." Certain breeds such as terriers for dachshunds are more inclined to burrow as they have been bred to flush out rodents for centuries. They are instinctively more comfortable squeezing into a tight cozy tunnel under your blankets.

dog sleeping in burrower position


Suppose you see your dog burrowing under blankets or pillows. In that case, it means your lovely canine is feeling anxious about something—whether it be new people, situations around him, or even just changes in his immediate environment. This can also indicate separation anxiety; if this often happens, talk to your trainer or vet about ways to help deal with and lessen separation anxiety.! 

Back to Back Position

This is one of the dogs' most common sleeping positions—and it is generally considered to be a sign of friendship. Tucking themselves into the space behind you or another dog is a way for dogs to show affection for pet owners and mutual trust.

back to back dog sleeping position 


The back-to-back position means that you and your dog are comfortable around each other, showing that the two of you share a unique bond. It is a common sleeping pattern among wild dogs. It is also used to generate and conserve body heat in case of cold temperatures.

Raised Neck and Head Position

A dog sleeps in this position with his head and neck raised. Dogs sleep using this position by leaning against a bed or a couch.

raised neck and head sleeping position


This sleeping habit position helps your pup to breathe more comfortably due to his elevated head and neck, which indicates that they may have respiratory problems.

Belly Up Position

This is the classic "I'm so tired!" position. Dogs sleep in this position with their paws in the air and belly exposed. Although it may appear strange or awkward, this is one of the most comfortable positions for dogs to sleep in.

puppy sleeping with belly up side


The fact that dogs are resting in this position suggests they are comfortable around you and trust you. In addition to producing greater body heat, this position increases airflow to every region of the dog's body.

On the Tummy Position

When a dog's body starts to overheat in his sleep, they prefer to sleep by lying flat on their bellies on a chilly surface. This sleeping behavior will aid the regulation of their body temperature.

dog sleeping in tummy position


The dog sleeps on cool surfaces to lower its temperature when overheating, such as a kitchen counter or a sidewalk.


Why do dogs sleep on their back?

Dogs sleep on their back for numerous reasons. They prefer to cool down by sleeping whilst lying on their backs. Dogs have higher body temperatures than humans, so they can't cool off as easily. Instead, they must rely on panting to eliminate excess heat. Most dogs are also covered in fur and fat, which makes them even warmer than humans. When they sleep, they're looking for a way to stay cool.

On those hot summer days when there's no breeze in sight, it can feel like you're stuck in an oven with no way out—the same rule applies to your furry friend. If your dog starts lying on their back more often than usual during this time of year, consider purchasing a cooling mat to rest on after playing outside for extended periods. Oh and don’t forget to always have lots of water and shade available during the hot months. 

In addition to comfort, the ability to better control their body heat while sleeping is another reason your dog could sleep with their tummy exposed. In contrast to people, dogs only have sweat glands on their feet. Thus, exposing their stomachs is an excellent way to cool off. The layer of fur on your dog's stomach is considerably thinner than the fur on the rest of their body.


Dogs are also sensitive to environmental changes. They can get sick, be in a low or foul mood and feel happy at different times. A dog's sleeping position can tell a lot about a dog's character and state of mind. Some dogs prefer to sleep alone, and others like to snuggle up close to their owner, but this is contingent upon their personality and/or their mood.


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