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Can Dogs Get Hemorrhoids?

If you ever wondered if your dog can get hemorrhoids, the answer is sometimes.

In humans, hemorrhoids are very painful. They are found on the anus or lower rectum and are simply blood vessels that swell up. This swollen blood vessel could be external or can protrude outwards.

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Why are dogs less likely to get Hemorrhoids? 

Well, this is because of the anatomy of the dog's body. Their system is different from humans. Humans get this condition because we walk on two legs. Our gastrointestinal system is placed lower and vertical.

In dogs, this is not the case. They walk on all fours, which means their gastrointestinal system is horizontal. Hence, there is no pressure on the anal gland or gastrointestinal system.

Even though dogs don't get Hemorrhoids they can get swollen anal gland, anal gland problems, i.e a prolapsed rectum.

Does my dog have Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids in Dogs, how Hemorrhoids in Dogs happends, Hemorrhoids in Dogs anatomy

Dogs can develop hemorrhoids if there are tumors in the anal area. Suffering from anal tumors is common in dogs. When these are not treated as soon as possible, they can cause discomfort to your pet.

Parasites, diarrhea and constipation can lead to the formation of tumors. Treating them immediately is necessary otherwise if left untreated, they can form dog hemorrhoids.

Signs of Dog Hemorrhoids - Problems of the Anal Gland

Have you seen your dog licking its anal area? Did you notice your pet scooting its bottom on the carpet? Is it bleeding from the anus or passing a bloody stool? Did you search the internet and read articles upon articles on dog issues?

Take a breath and relax!

Undoubtedly, these could be symptoms that your dog has hemorrhoids and the poor animal is uncomfortable. You need to know that this does not always mean that your pet has hemorrhoids. It can be some other problem of the anal glands.

Problems Confused as Dog Hemorrhoids

Problems Confused as Dog Hemorrhoids

So, what problems can be confused with dog hemorrhoids? The two major ones are discussed below.

Prolapsed Rectum

You might have seen something coming out of your dog's rectum. Sometimes only a part of the rectum and anus protrudes out. This goes back after proper bowel movements.

When full prolapse occurs, the tissue does not go back and is very painful and requires veterinarian action.

Anal Gland Problems

Rectal and anal gland problems are very common in dogs. The good thing is that they are easily treatable if you take your pet to the vet in time. Therefore, keep an eye out for the above-mentioned symptoms.

Anal gland problems are easy to detect. The excretion from the anal sac smells differently. This can easily tell you about an infection. This causes irritation and inflammation of the anal glands.

There are some things you can add to the dog's diet to increase their health. Adding fiber helps bulk the volume of stool the dog passes. The thicker the stool, the more clean the anal sac will be. Talking to your veterinary expert can help you.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids in Dogs

Treatment of Hemorrhoids in Dogs

You should not try to treat your dog's hemorrhoids at home. This is a serious issue in the rear blood vessels and requires veterinary intervention. The first sign you see of any irritation or inflamed tissue, run to your vet, your pet might be in pain.

Visit the Vet

There is no wrong time to visit the vet. Hemorrhoids ointments should always be prescribed by a professional veterinarian. If the wrong ointment is applied, you might end up causing the infection to worsen. Talk to the vet about deworming. Do it routinely.

Diet Changes - A Healthy Tummy Means a Healthy Pet

Be sure to visit your vet and decide what foods are good for your pet. Increase the fiber intake and decrease dairy products. Dietary changes are seen to improve the overall health of your pet.

Witch Hazel - The Miracle Plant

A lot of people recommend witch hazel to treat hemorrhoids. Before even trying to use it, consult with your vet!

The general recommendation is to apply chilled witch hazel to the affected area three times a day until they are gone.

We Recommend

Prevention is Better than Cure - Keep Those Blood Vessels Healthy

Prevention is Better than Cure - Keep Those Blood Vessels Healthy , preventing Hemorrhoids in Dogs

Surgery is never the first option in the treatment of hemorrhoids in dogs. Your vet will thoroughly assess your dog's hemorrhoids and related health issues. Surgery can lead to other complications like an increased chance of infection.

The most common treatment to reduce the pain and symptoms is to prescribe creams and ointments to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Dietary supplements are also provided.

When the dog's stool is softened, the blood vessels return to their normal size. As you can see just a few small changes can result in increased blood flow to the dog's body. When the system inside is balanced, it prevents many problems.

Difference Between Human And Dog Hemorrhoids

Even though the problem is the same, the hemorrhoids in humans and dogs are not the same. This is why some vets don't agree that a dog can get hemorrhoids.

  • Hemorrhoids in humans are caused due to dehydration and a poor diet. In dogs, they are caused by ignoring the treatment of intestinal problems.
  • Hemorrhoids can easily be diagnosed in humans. Mostly do it themselves. The anatomy of dogs is different. They have a lot of other things surrounding the rear like anal glands etc. Therefore, other problems like bleeding anus, tumors caused by constipation and diarrhea can be confused as hemorrhoids.
  • The treatment of hemorrhoids in dogs and humans is different too.


If your dog is in pain and shows signs of rectum problems, go visit the vet as soon as possible. It is important to get medical attention to ensure that your dog does not develop hemorrhoids. They can be painful, uncomfortable and bad for their health.

This article provides all the information you need to help relieve your pet from its discomfort. Don't let your dog suffer, take action NOW!


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