Beagle Bloodhound mix 101

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If you're looking for a loyal and loving dog, you may want to consider a beagle bloodhound mix. This crossbreed is known for being friendly and good with children, as well as having an excellent sense of smell. Before you decide if this is the right dog for you, it's important to learn more about beagles,  bloodhounds, as well as the beagle bloodhound mix.

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Origins of beagle bloodhound mix breed

Beagles have always been a popular breed of dog, known for their short legs and big ears. Who can forget Snoopy,  “not your average beagle” forever perched on his doghouse? They were originally bred in England to hunt rabbits,  and are still used for this purpose in some parts of the world. Beagles are also popular family pets, thanks to their friendly nature.

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The Bloodhound is a large breed of dog that was originally bred in Belgium to track down criminals (#funfact). Bloodhounds are known for their excellent sense of smell, and they are still used by law enforcement agencies around the world to track down missing persons.

The beagle bloodhound mix is a cross between these two breeds. This mix is relatively new, but it is already becoming popular as a family pet.

Breed Characteristics of beagle bloodhound mix

The Beagle Bloodhound mix inherits the best traits from both parent breeds. These dogs are typically friendly and good with children. They are also known for being intelligent and easy to train. Beagle Bloodhound mixes are also known for their strong sense of smell.

Facts about beagle bloodhound mix

Weight:  25-60 pounds
Height: 13-24 inches
Color: Black, brown, tan, or red
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Hypoallergenic: No
Coat type:  Fur, short and dense

The Beagle Bloodhound mix is a medium to large sized dog. They can weigh anywhere from 25 to 60 pounds and stand 13 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder. Beagle Bloodhound mixes come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, tan, and red. These dogs have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

Beagle bloodhound mixes have a short, dense coat that is easy to care for. This breed is not hypoallergenic, so they have fur instead of hair.

Living with a beagle bloodhound mix

Beagle bloodhound mixes are typically active dogs that need plenty of exercise. They should be taken on long walks or runs every day. Beagle bloodhound mixes can be vocal, so it's important to provide them with plenty of toys and chewable bones to keep them occupied.

Beagle Bloodhound Mix Temperament

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The beagle bloodhound mix is a loyal and loving dog. They are typically friendly with strangers and good with children. Beagle bloodhound mixes are also known for being intelligent and easy to train. These dogs are active and need plenty of exercise, so they are not well suited for apartment living.

How to groom beagle bloodhound mix

Beagle bloodhound mixes have short, dense coats that are easy to groom. These dogs should be brushed once or twice a week to remove any dead fur. Beagle bloodhound mixes also need their nails trimmed on a regular basis.

You should bathe your Beagle Bloodhound mix dog when needed. Generally, we recommend to bathe this gorgeous mix one to two times per month.

In-between baths you can use waterless dog shampoo or dog wet wipes to ensure, that your pup smells good and fresh!


The important thing, is to choose the right shampoo for your Beagle Bloodhound mix pup. As they have short and dense fur, they need the extra help of a deshedding dog shampoo. Our favorite is our THE SHEDDER dog shampoo, that is designed to promote shedding of the loose fur and undercoat DURING the bath.

Health risks for beagle bloodhound mix

The Beagle Bloodhound mix is generally a healthy breed. However, there are some health conditions that this mix is prone to, including hip dysplasia and ear infections. Beagle Bloodhound mixes should be seen by a vet on a regular basis to ensure that they are healthy and live their longest and best life.

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Beagle Bloodhound mix puppies

Beagle bloodhound mix puppies are typically born in litters of six to eight. These puppies are known for being active and playful. Beagle Bloodhound mix puppies should be socialized early to ensure that they are well-rounded dogs.

Training a beagle bloodhound mix

Beagle Bloodhound mixes are typically intelligent and easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise. Bloodhounds can be stubborn, so it's important to be consistent with training. Beagle Bloodhound mixes should be socialized from a young age to prevent them from becoming too shy or fearful.

Choosing a beagle bloodhound mix

If you're considering adding a Beagle Bloodhound mix puppy or a grown dog to your family, it's important to do your research. Be sure to visit a variety of breeders to find the right dog for you. Beagle Bloodhound mixes are typically friendly and good with children, but it's important to meet the dog in person before making a final decision.

Beagle bloodhound mix FAQs

Who was bred first Beagle, Bloodhound or Dachshund?

Drumroll please …. Dachshund! The Beagle was bred first in England in the 1800s. The bloodhound was bred in France in the 1600s, and the Dachshund was bred in Germany in the 1500s. 

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Who has the better sense of smell, a Beagle or a Bloodhound?

The Beagle has a better sense of smell, because they were bred as hunting dogs while  the Bloodhound's sense of smell is hindered by its short muzzle.

What does part beagle and part bloodhound look like?

A Beagle Bloodhound mix typically looks like a Beagle with a longer muzzle. They can also inherit the black coat of the Bloodhound.

The Beagle Bloodhound mix is an intelligent and trainable dog. They are known for being loyal and loving companions. These dogs need moderate exercise and do well in a variety of living situations. Beagle Bloodhound mixes are not suitable for apartments, as they need space to run and play.

If you're looking for a loyal and loving dog, the Beagle Bloodhound mix might be the right breed for you. These dogs make great family pets and are relatively easy to care for. Be sure to research both beagles and bloodhounds before you decide if this is the right breed for you.


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