The Best Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive Skin + Pro Tips!

best shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin

Just like humans, many dogs have skin sensitivities including dry, itchy skin or other skin ailments. In addition to wanting to create the BEST products for washing dogs, we at Pride+Groom know that dog grooming is NOT just about getting clean but can also be a chance to spend quality time and bond with your furry best friend. It’s important to know if there is anything going on with your dog’s coat or skin before you get a scrubbin’. 

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What Causes Sensitive Skin in Dogs?

One word... ALLERGIES!

As with humans, allergies are affecting more animals now than they have in the past. Let's break it down for you. Some of the reasons may include:

1. Over-Vaccinating

SOLUTION: Find the Right Vet! And here’s how…

How To Choose The Right Veterinarian For Your Pet:
  1. Ask for personal recommendations
  2. Find a veterinarian with an expertise in treating dogs or cats 
  3. Look for licensed personnel
  4. Inquire about their approach to pets and medicine. ... 
  5. Consider the cost and location 
  6. Both you and your pet should be comfortable with your choice
  7. Look for a clean facility
  8. Always make sure your Vet is qualified and informed with the latest research 

If you happen to live in New York, check out Small Door Vet with their multiple locations, experienced Vets and amazing customer service. 

2. Diet

Feeding dogs a diet made with natural, real ingredients, such as  beef, chicken, lamb, peas, spinach, carrots, and blueberries, can do wonders for their overall well-being. A good diet can promote heart health, increase energy level, make a dog's coat shiny and dog breath smell better. Diet can improve a dog's eyesight, and even impact a dog's stool!  This can also be improved by adding digestive enzymes and probiotics to their food.

Two of our favorite companies leading the way in clean food for dogs are: 

Just Food for Dogs

The Farmer’s Dog 

Just as a humans can have an allergy to chicken or eggs with the result being hives or a rash, the same is true of dogs. The wrong ingredients in food can cause dry skin, itchiness, rash and other skin issues in dogs. After switching my dog to all-natural, high quality food, she immediately started getting sores on her body. My vet suggested I change her diet and immediately the sores went away (turns out she has a sensitivity to chicken). It may take a little trial and error to get it just right.

If you want to learn more about dog's diet, we recommend reading books about dog's health & nutrition.

dog and pollution

3. Environmental Factors such as Pollution

SOLUTION: Diet + Vet + The Right Shampoo

Allergies can cause pruritus, or severe itching caused by various ailments. They can cause a dog's skin to be very dry, very oily, or even a mixture (just like humans!).

Signs of sensitive skin:

Pro tip: If you aren’t sure how to tell if your pup has dry skin, check his fur for signs of dandruff, hot spots, irritations … use your “motherly” (or fatherly) intuition. 

We've covered Diet + Vet. Let's move on to topical treatments. Something as basic as finding the right shampoo can work wonders. Not to toot our own horn but we spent over a year interviewing people, researching ingredients and working with our lab to create the perfect formulation of the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin.

dog shampoo for allergies

We created PRIDE+GROOM, THE SENSITIVE ONE SHAMPOO  from a unique blend of essential oils and sustainable ingredients from around the world, aimed to soothe and regulate the skin and follicles of dogs with skin ailments. THE SENSITIVE ONE is also perfect shampoo for puppies who, like babies, need the gentlest care.

"My itchy little 14lb girl had her first bath with “THE SENSITIVE ONE” and it really helped her itchies. She is barely scratching at all today! She smells great too!" - Marisa


CALENDULA EXTRACT: Heals & hydrates fur
JOJOBA SEED OIL: Heals hot spots
VITAMIN E: Restores & soothes skin
COCONUT OIL: Minimizes odor & reduces allergic reactions
AVOCADO OIL: Hydrates fur & Hair
FLAX SEED OIL: Naturally rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

FREE OF:  parabens • sulphates • silicones • toxins • dyes • gluten

"This shampoo makes my dogs smell good for a month and that includes them going outside and playing. All other shampoos may last a week at tops this stuff is awesome" - Cynthia 

"Such a great shampoo for my sensitive boy. Travel size means we can fly anywhere and be prepared in case of a messy situation." - Kristine 

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Who are We?

The very first beauty brand…For dogs:

Pride + Groom is the first dog grooming brand launched under a beauty platform, with formulas made in a clean beauty and scent lab. We know beauty is not only skin deep, so we want to make sure THE SENSITIVES ONES get the extra TLC they need and is the best shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Easy one-handed wash

Our cone-shaped tip, allows you to wash with one hand while massaging and soothing (and bonding) with your dog with the other. The flow control cap ensures the formula penetrates deep into coat + skin. Plus, no waste! Our cap makes sure each bottle is good to the last drop. 


Allergies can sometimes be improved by a high quality diet or medical treatments, but not aalways. Using THE SENSITIVE ONE  by Pride + Groom can make a big difference in your pup’s level of comfort, as it is vet’s best hypoallergenic dog shampoo.

What can I do in between baths?

Does your dog or cat think that bath time is a midevil torture technique? Most of the time we have no time, and hot water alone can induce itchiness after a bath. If you have a stinky dog but are short for time or a guilt trip, waterless pet shampoo is a great option. THE MANE TAME  Waterless shampoo for dogs and cats is a quick way to extend the life of a groom or freshen up a coat that’s been around the block a few times too many. Flax Seed Oil, Aloe, Niaouli, Coconut and Jojoba also treat and condition your pet (who wouldn’t hear of getting in a bath!)



How to use:  Dispense Waterless Foaming Dog Shampoo generously into palm and work through coat. Brush coat with THE ONE AND ONLY  brush to remove dander and loose hair. ENJOY a stress free groom!

You may be wondering “can I use human shampoo on my dog”?  Or “ Isn’t my designer shampoo better than any dog shampoo?”

Final Tip:  NOOOOOO Remember: human shampoo is meant for humans, so do your best friend a favor by taking care of their skin inside  and out. A quality food will keep everything running smoothly from within, and a quality dog shampoo will work magic on their skin and coat. 

"Using a human shampoo on dogs disrupts the acid mantle, leaving your dog vulnerable to parasites, viruses, and bacteria. It also makes their skin feel dry and flaky, which can lead to repeated scratching and abrasions. This makes it easy for bacteria to invade." - 

More questions? Please ask as we have answers!  


PRIDE+GROOM was born because 4 New York City dog lovers wanted the same level of grooming products for their dogs that they themselves enjoyed. They looked (hard) but nothing was up to snuff. Or sniff. Like so many, we love our families and take pride in our homes, and we consider our pets to be integral parts of those entities. That said, we could not find an effective way to coif them that was on par with the way we tended to our children, our homes, or ourselves. These beloved pets are allowed on the furniture and in our beds, and yet even when fresh from the groomer, we knew they did not smell or feel as good as they could.

With the development of our coat-specific shampoos, conditioner and deodorizing spray, we think we found just the way to say thanks for being the best and the sweetest MVP of the house.

PRIDE+GROOM is the first dog grooming brand launched under a beauty platform, with formulas made in a clean beauty and scent lab. We know beauty is not only skin deep. We did a ton of research to create the entire line. Each product is formulated with its own unique blend of essential oils sourced from around the world.

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