The Best Shampoo for Non-Shedding Dogs

best shampoo for non-shedding dogs

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Dogs with hair, hairless dogs and all types of doodles have exploded in popularity for many reasons. The most common being someone in the home has allergies or an aversion to dog fur on every surface which means frequent vacuuming and lint brushing.  Non-Shedding dogs may help reduce allergic reactions to dog fur and dander, because their coats resemble human hair, rather than traditional dog fur. As a result, “non-shedding dogs” DO in fact shed, but only as much as humans. And, just like humans, they need regular haircuts.

Popular Non-Shedding Dog Breeds:

  • Bichon Frise 
  • Bedlington Terrier 
  • Brussels Griffon  
  • Chinese Crested 
  • Coton de Tulear 
  • Giant Schnauzer 
  • Havanese 
  • Lagotto Romagnolo 
  • Maltese 
  • Miniature Schnauzer 
  • Poodle 
  • Portuguese Water Dog 
  • Shih Tzu 
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 
  • Yorkshire Terrier 
  • West Highland Terrier 
  • AND of course the ever popular DOODLE (any poodle mix)

What are the grooming needs of non-shedding dogs?

Non-Shedding dogs may be low maintenance on your vacuum, but they require more grooming. Hair coats will grow long, get knots and can become matted if you don’t regularly wash, brush and trim them. Unless you have the skills and tools of a professional groomer, we recommend your pup get at least four professional groomings a year.  Something to consider when you are calculating the financial responsibility of owning a non-shedding dog. 

finding the right groomer, dog groomer for non-shedding dog

How do I find the right dog groomer?

We say this a lot and we will say it again … get recommendations!  

Unfortunately, our dogs can't talk to us, so getting a good recommendation from a pet parent with a positive, long standing relationship with their groomer is an excellent start. 

Find the look you want.

Have an idea of what type of trim or cut you would like.  Dogs with hair can rock a lot of different hair do’s. Google your dog breed and grab some images. There are so many styles to choose from keeping it classic to going funky with a faux-hawk. Find the perfect style online and share it with your groomer, it will make their life a lot easier.

puppy cut haircut, dog hairstyles
What are the easiest haircuts for dogs?
puppy cut for dog, teddy bear cut for dog, kennel cut for dog, lion cut for dog, shih tzu haircuts
  • Puppy cut  Traditionally, a puppy cut keeps hair short around the dog’s body and leaves more fur around the neck and at the top of the head. 
  • Kennel Cut The most generic type of cut keeps hair the same length all over the entire dog. Kennel Cut is usually a little shorter than a puppy cut which requires less maintenance and less frequent grooming. 
  • Lion Cut Only certain breeds can pull this look off! It means shaving (or taking the body way down) while leaving the face, legs and tail longer. In other words–looks like a lion. 

dog hairstyles

That said, the options are limitless and you can have as much fun as you want  - “Leg warmers”, “mohauk”, “bell-bottoms” “pony-tails”.... 

PRO TIP ON CHOOSING THE RIGHT GROOMER: Don’t Settle. Don’t be afraid to keep trying different groomers until you find the perfect one.  This is a relationship that can last 10-20 years and you want to find the perfect fit.

How to groom your dog at home

Establishing an at home grooming routine early is important to get your pup and yourself comfortable.  Lucky for Non-Shedders and their paw-rents,  PRIDE+GROOM has created  THE NON SHEDDER SHAMPOO FOR SHEDDING DOGS, an all natural formula, full of essential oils, designed to help detangle and leave dogs’ coat soft and shiny.  

TIP: Daily petting and cuddle sessions will help identify any mattes. If you do find a matte, it probably means that you are not brushing enough. Do not try to pull or detangle the matte as this can be painful for your pup.  Make an appointment with your groomer and consider a shorter cut.

best brush for dogs, 2-sided dog brush

Dog Brushing 

Non-Shedding dogs with longer hair should be brushed daily.  Separate hair in sections and use a comb or pin side of a brush to get tangles out. Once you're done, use a bristle brush to smooth and shine.

Our ONE AND ONLY DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH is the perfect at home brush that can do both jobs!

Essential Dog Bath Kit:

Get all of your necessary items ready and close by. 

  • Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Washcloth
  • Towel
  • Treats

Pro-Tip on how to keep pup still during the bath: Keep your buddy happy by smearing some peanut butter on the side of their tub for a long lasting, distracting treat. They get to lick while you get to focus on cleaning.

1. Brush

Brush coat thoroughly removing any loose hair or debris from your pup.

2. Water

Start with lukewarm water in a tub, sink (for small dogs) or separate container that's easy to get your pup in and out of. Wet your dog from the neck down with a gentle hand-held shower or water pitcher being careful to avoid ears. 

3. Wash

Once the coat is thoroughly wet, gently massage dog shampoo through the fur, starting at the deck and working downwards.

Can I use human shampoo on my dog? It’s important to use a shampoo made for the pH balance of dogs and as opposed to human shampoo, as this can dry out your dog’s skin and cause irritation.

With a damp hand towel clean the face and ears avoiding eyes and mouth. Finish with conditioner made for dogs to your dog’s fur, to help with detangling, and make coat extra soft and shiny. 

4. Dry

When the bath is finished, make sure you’ve got a big enough towel on hand for your dog to dry off. We love our Pride+Groom dog TOWEL. Made of thick microfiber with pockets for your hands on either end, your pooch will enjoy a gentle massage while getting dry. 

Even with the towel, your dog will attempt to dry themselves by shaking off their fur, so be prepared for this and keep the area clear of anything you don’t want to get wet! Some people use a hairdryer on a cool setting to dry off their dog’s fur. This is fine if your dog will tolerate it, but it could scare dogs that aren’t used to it. If you use a hairdryer just be careful with the heat setting to avoid burning your dog’s skin.

PRO TIP: For a salon finish use a hair dry on a low setting while gently brushing until dry

The best dog grooming products by Pride+Groom

We did a ton of research to create our the Pride+Groom line. Each product is formulated with its own unique blend of essential oils sourced from around the world.

THE ONLY BRUSH is a 2-sided dog brush that works perfectly for non-shedding and shedding dog

THE NON SHEDDER DOG SHAMPOO  is made for dogs who have hair instead of fur which can benefit from de-tangling and smoothing ingredients.

THE FINAL COAT DOG CONIDTIONER  is enriched with nourishing, shine-inducing ingredients that leave all coats silky, smooth + untangled long after the bath

THE TOWEL  super abosrbant dog towel with pockets for your hands


The very first beauty brand…For dogs:

Pride + Groom is the first dog grooming brand launched under a beauty platform, with formulas made in a clean beauty and scent lab. We know beauty is not only skin deep, so we want to make sure THE SHEDDERs in your life give you everything you need without the extra vacuuming.

Easy one-handed wash

Our cone-shaped tip, allows you to wash with one hand while massaging and soothing (and bonding) with your dog with the other. The flow-control cap ensures the formula penetrates deep into coat + skin, helping release the undercoat and reduce shedding! Plus, no waste! Our cap makes sure each bottle is good to the last drop. 

no waste, cone shaped, control flow cap 

Waterless Shampoo

Does your dog or cat think that bath time is a midevil torture technique? Most of the time we have no time, and hot water alone can induce itchiness after a bath. If you have a stinky dog but are short for time or a guilt trip, waterless pet shampoo is a great option. THE MANE TAME  Waterless shampoo for dogs and cats is a quick way to extend the life of a groom or freshen up a coat that’s been around the block a few times too many. Flax Seed Oil, Aloe, Niaouli, Coconut and Jojoba also treat and condition your pet (who wouldn’t hear of getting in a bath!)


THE CHEAT…. Does your fur baby need a refresh, but you don’t have time for a full bath. Use THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM for a waterless solution that’s the next best thing to a full bath.  Just pump a golf ball size of foam into your palm and massage into your baby's coat. Repeat as needed depending on their size. It is especially great before bed time together.
More questions? Please ask as we have answers! 


PRIDE+GROOM was born because 4 New York City dog lovers wanted the same level of grooming products for their dogs that they themselves enjoyed. They looked (hard) but nothing was up to snuff. Or sniff. Like so many, we love our families and take pride in our homes, and we consider our pets to be integral parts of those entities. That said, we could not find an effective way to coif them that was on par with the way we tended to our children, our homes, or ourselves. These beloved pets are allowed on the furniture and in our beds, and yet even when fresh from the groomer, we knew they did not smell or feel as good as they could.

With the development of our coat-specific shampoos, conditioner and deodorizing spray, we think we found just the way to say thanks for being the best and the sweetest MVP of the house.

PRIDE+GROOM is the first dog grooming brand launched under a beauty platform, with formulas made in a clean beauty and scent lab. We know beauty is not only skin deep. We did a ton of research to create the entire line. Each product is formulated with its own unique blend of essential oils sourced from around the world.


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