Using Sustainable Pet Products During Earth Month (and Beyond!)

Using Sustainable Pet Products During Earth Month (and Beyond!)

Earth Month takes place during April every year. It's a time to raise environmental awareness and create consciousness around the issues that affect mother nature during this time of crisis. Earth Day occurs on the 22nd of April. Each year, in the weeks leading up to Earth Day, action and participation in initiatives that focus on the urgent need for environmental justice, sustainable development, and climate solutions are encouraged. 

The collective environmental pawprint of our pets is huge! In addition to training our pets, it’s also important that we as pet owners to start training ourselves to speak (up) for eco-friendly and sustainable pet products and make conscious changes in the purchases we make. Our carbon footprint matters.

No, we’re not barking mad. To an extent, a zero waste dog (or cat) is purrfectly possible by choosing a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable pet products made of natural, organic and recycled components. Not only are these safer for the planet, but safer for our furry friends too.

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With the right shopping philosophy (like buying things made to last), product research, and a commitment to reduce waste, we can help limit the impact on the environment that our fur baby has. To celebrate Earth Day, we've highlighted two of our products that are making sustainability for pet parents a little bit easier, and in turn, making the planet a better place we can enjoy with our animals for years to come.

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

For a product to be sustainable, it must be possible to produce and/or consume it in a way that doesn’t result in harm or destruction. If the production of a product requires nonrenewable resources, damages the environment, or results in harm to individuals or society, it is unlikely to be considered sustainable.

A product is usually considered sustainable if it:

  • Doesn’t deplete natural, non renewable resources: A sustainable product is made from renewable resources; in other words, resources that can’t be fully depleted.
  • Doesn’t directly harm the environment: The production, distribution, and/or consumption of the product uses as little energy as possible, and minimizes and responsibly disposes of waste. Almost no action is completely free from environmental impact, so most environmentally conscious companies strive to minimize negative impact, even if that means lowering greenhouse gas emissions or using chemical free fabrics.
  • Wasn’t made in a socially irresponsible way (for example, using forced or child labor or causing health or safety concerns): A socially sustainable business is one that practices fair and equal hiring, hiring a diverse range of people and ensuring they have a voice in the organization. Socially sustainable businesses also care about the health, wellbeing, and success of their employees — as well as the residents of the cities and countries in which they operate.

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A more complex aspect of sustainability is economic sustainability, which can refer to how a business operates. Economically sustainable businesses and eco friendly pet brands allow other businesses to compete and flourish. Broader economic sustainability allows a country’s growth to remain consistent for many years, rather than accelerating and declining in volatile or destructive patterns.

Sustainability Through Processes vs. Actions

Some companies optimize their processes and resources for sustainability, while others improve sustainability through actions; some companies strive for both.

Through process and resource optimization, some companies choose vendors, materials, production methods, hiring options, and make other business decisions specifically because they lend themselves to sustainability. This often requires extensive due diligence and may result in higher initial production costs. But anything for our fur babies, right?

Companies may also strive to improve their sustainability through actions that are separate from the manufacturing of their product or the delivery of their service. For example, PRIDE+GROOM provides their ONE FUR ALL formulated conditioning shampoo to animal shelters and rescue organizations around the world. To date, they’ve donated more than 1000 gallons of this product.

In-kind donations help nonprofits and other organizations access goods and services that would otherwise be too expensive on a tight budget or else free up resources to be spent on something else. By helping pets in need and providing helpful and ethically sourced dog products, we are doing our part where we can.

As consumers increasingly demand sustainable products and services, more companies will focus on their business’ sustainability. With a better perspective on the definition of sustainability, you can make better choices as a consumer and choose to purchase the best sustainable pet products.

From biodegradable poop bags to pet toys to fancy cat litter, there are many eco friendly pet products already on the market today.

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PRIDE+GROOM's Carbon Emission and Environmental Impact 

As a company, we are always trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Over the last 6 months, PRIDE+GROOM has funded carbon removal and removed over 2000 kg of shipping emissions.
That’s like: 
  • 205,914 smart phones charged
  • 6,442 km driven by car

  • 691 liters of gasoline consumed

Sustainable Pet Grooming Products by PRIDE+GROOM

Every little eco-minded action we make as pet parents contributes to the greater good. In fact, it's possible you're already doing many essential things that are better for the planet than some alternatives on the market. This includes choosing sustainable products, creating a smaller footprint (er ... pawprint) by purchasing supplies in bulk, or opting to adopt a rescue and follow best practices for spaying and neutering to prevent pet overpopulation.

Smooth coat, short coat, combination coat, double coat - regardless of whether you have a high or low-maintenance dog breed, grooming is part and parcel of responsible pet ownership.

You can level up that responsible pet parenting (and help your pet shed less hair and less waste into the environment) if you choose one of these environmentally friendly pet products, too.


    Step up your home groom game with this unique bamboo bath brush. THE BATH BRUSH is here and it's good and ready to release debris and undercoat in and out of the bath, stimulate and release natural skin oils, and detangle. During shampoo and/or conditioning, simply slip your hand through the strap and, using circular motions, massage the product into the dog’s coat and skin.



    Why Bamboo?

    Bamboo has a neutral to negative charge and so it is less likely to cause static, leaving pet’s hair looking sleek and smooth. Bamboo also is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant which helps to keep your pet’s hair and scalp happy.

    It’s a known fact that bamboo is superior to any other wood when it comes to sustainability. Bamboo grows between 24-48 inches per day, which means no matter how often it is harvested it is not causing damage to the forest, nor the ecosystem. It also grows in places that other crops cannot and so makes use of space that would otherwise lay dormant. Unlike the synthetic, man-made plastic and nylon brushes on the market, bamboo is a natural material, coming straight from the bamboo plant, making it perfect to create an eco friendly pet product.

    As a dog owner, buying an item made of bamboo instead of normal wood is a lot more sustainable because bamboo regrows in three years, while trees can take decades to regrow once they are cut. Not to mention that bamboo self-regenerates from its own root system, so there is no need to replant it. Natural materials are the way to go.


      A handsome, thick, and thirsty microfiber towel cleverly designed with pockets on either end so you can pop your hands in and get your squeaky clean pup warm and dry ASAP. Resistant to odor and bacteria, and holds 7 times it’s weight in water.




      Why Microfiber?

      First of all, microfiber towels are reusable – and in many cases, made from recycled materials. In comparison to some truly sustainable paper towel alternatives like reusable bamboo un-paper towels or reusable cotton cloths, microfiber towels get an “A” for reusability. Microfiber towels can be used up to 400 times before they lose their effectiveness.

      Cotton Cloths vs Microfiber

      Cotton cleaning cloths are not always the most eco-friendly choice. Cotton is a resource-intensive crop to grow. When grown using conventional methods, cotton requires a lot of water, fertilizer, and pesticides. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s also terrible for the health of the farmers. Plus, regular cotton cloths are then exposed to harmful chemicals and treatments to whiten the fibers.

      Our Earth Month Packmember Gift

      pride+groom's april packmemeber gift

      We love working with eco friendly pet brands! Add treats, and it's the perfect combination!

      Looking to buy sustainable, upcycled cat and dog treats? Look no further than Shameless Pets. Shameless Pets’ signature upcycled ingredient process by which quality, otherwise discarded ingredients are thoughtfully turned into delicious, healthy treats for your dog. It means rescuing and transforming misfit and surplus produce into high quality treats for your pets.

      Shameless Pets prioritizes working with North American suppliers to find creative, sustainable solutions to rescue foods that would otherwise go to a food waste destination. According to Project Drawdown, "preventing food waste is the single greatest solution to fighting climate change." A company that chooses to minimize waste, work with eco friendly materials, and prevent production waste is definitely one we are proud to partner with!

      Learn more about receiving their upcycled Bananas for Bacon treats for FREE with your PRIDE+GROOM Packmember subscription during the month of April!

      Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle

      One of the most important ways to be a responsible and sustainable pet parent is by having your pets spayed or neutered as the vet recommends. This is better for the environment, less hassle for you, and may even add years to your beloved pet's life. Here are a few other things you can do:

      1. Look for and purchase more certified sustainable and eco friendly pet products where you can.
      2. Upcycle already owned items to friends and family: with a bit of creativity, almost anything can be upcycled. Especially pet supplies and accessories like a cat cave, plush toys or dog beds.
      3. Or donate to shelters! Any time you get something new for your furry friend, remember that shelters and rescue centers are always in need of blankets, beds, crates, towels, and gently loved stuffed animals and dog toys. Dog owners: have a heartfelt convo with your pet about the benefits of giving away items they're no longer using, wash everything well, and spread the joy.
      4. Give up paper towels: it’s a convenience that’s causing grave damage to trees and the earth in general. Give up paper towels for cloths, towels, dishcloths, and sponges for your drying needs. There are plenty of reusable and biodegradable alternatives, such as THE TOWEL.
      5. Buy in bulk: in addition to grooming products, pet food, detergents and other supplies are a few items that you should consider buying in bulk for your cats and dogs.
      6. Invest in high quality items: high-quality items may cost you a fortune but they last longer and you won’t have to keep replacing them over and over. They are also more likely to be repaired should they break. There are many high quality dog products on the market these days.
      7. Make your own pet food: all natural pet foods aren’t only better for your pet, but for the environment as well. While you’re cooking dinner for yourself, make something for your pet too. Making your own pet treats and even pet food eliminates waste from cans and dry food bags.

      save the world


      Because your dog and cat (and you) deserve a beautiful, clean planet, we at PRIDE+GROOM are working hard to create more sustainable options and products every day. Our goal is to limit the use of plastic bottles and maintain our sustainable manufacturing process as we go.

      Each PRIDE+GROOM formula contains its own unique blend of essential oils and sustainable ingredients chosen for dogs' specific coat and skin types. Because our pets are so important to us, we are also conscious of collaborating with other brands and companies who are making the same strides for the environment and our future on this planet.

      If we aren't careful, all of the products and resources on the market could make our four-legged pals' carbon "pawprint" a problem. Purchasing eco friendly pet products is one thing you can start practicing this earth month.

      While the annual Earth Day celebration on April 22 is a terrific reminder to show our planet some well-deserved love, every day is an opportunity for eco-friendly pet parents to make a difference with consistent sustainability habits.