If your dog is anything like mine, the minute you go into the kitchen to cook she will be under foot with her paws crossed that you drop some food on floor. It can also be hard to resist those adorable eyes staring up at you. It's very tempting to slip 'em just a tiny piece of this or a tiny piece of that. Aside from the obvious - the minute your start feeding your dog human food, he will beg and beg for more, there are several foods that are harmful to dogs and you should stay away from. Here are the most dangerous foods to avoid:


A VERY small piece of well-cooked, white meat turkey is most likely fine for your pooch but you want to avoid raw meat, bones, skin, and fat. Bones can cause digestive issues while too much fat can harm the pancreas.


Unbaked dough can expand in the stomach of a dog and cause "bloat" which can be very serious and require surgery. In addition, raw dough can cause alcohol toxicity.  


While potatoes alone are not harmful to dogs, the added ingredients in mashed potatoes such as milk and  buttercup cause pancreatitis in dogs. 


While it's unlikely you would give your dog garlic or onion in its own, they are common ingredients in many holiday meals (including mashed potatoes and turkey listed above) and are toxic to dogs. 


• Chocolate 

• Alcohol

• Xylitol (sugar substitue)

• Sweets 

• Raw/undercooked meat or poultry

• All nuts especially Macadamia nuts

• Grapes/Rasins

• Avocado 

• Coffee/Caffeine

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