In the heat of summer, you may feel uncool if you aren't sure how to get your hot dog or caliente cat to chill. Some pet parents with limited time turn to giving buzzcuts or having very short haircuts or shaves bestowed upon their besties. The somewhat misled idea that their pet is positively and perpetually perspiring plagues them.
But there are drawbacks to shaving and cutting short, so you may want to confiscate your clippers. What most people don’t know is that fur keeps Fido and Fiona cool in the summer once they have shed their winter coat. Buzz cuts are not the bomb - they can expose skin to sunburn and skin afflictions. And harness the urge to DIY without significant experience or the proper facilities or instruments -- even when you think you’re steady, you can nick or cut skin, which can lead to serious infection or ongoing discomfort. 
Fetch some shade when outside on sunny summer days and have your pet groomed by an experienced professional. Bathe your buds on a consistent basis to keep them clean, comfy and cool. 
Hot Tip: Many pups love ice cubes, so if you haven't already tried this, serve up some treats on the rocks. They help hydration and they're spot-on for the season.

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