Other than dressing your fur baby up for Halloween, there may be nothing cuter than pictures of your pup dressed up like a reindeer, sitting under the tree nestled in the stack of presents. Hidden in all the twinkle and magic are more opportunities for dogs to get into trouble. There is no reason not to enjoy the holidays with your furry best friend and we are here to tell you how!



In general, Christmas trees are safe for dogs. Beware of pine needles as they are sharp and can scratch their cute little eyes.
• POINSETTIA are basically harmless. If ingested there should be little to no discomfort. A small rash may occur if rubbed on raw skin but in general you do not need to fear the poinsettia.
• MISTLETOE is a different story. It can be poisonous to dogs causing gastrointestinal discomfort, trouble breathing and low heart rate. If you notice any of these symptoms call your vet immediately. 
• HOLLY, AMARYLLIS + DAFFODILS can also be poisonous to pets. If ingested vomiting, diarrhea, tremors or loss of appetite can occur. If you notice any of these symptoms call your vet immediately. 
• LILIES on the other can are toxic to CATS (don't think we forgot about them). If ingested it can lead to kidney failure. Symptoms include vomiting and loss of appetite. If you notice any of these symptoms call your vet immediately. 


You may be so busy preparing for the big day that you don't notice your four legged friend lurking around the kitchen waiting for droppings. Or maybe your dog is like mine, and as I'm loading the dishwasher she's all paws up licking anything left on the plates. See our list of foods your pup should avoid and why.


Opening presents is amazingly fun but get chaotic. Paper, tape, bows, glitter and other present wrappings, small pieces of toys, plastic tags from clothing, and on and on. All these things can be harmful to your fur baby. Keep her safe by tethering her to a piece of furniture or even yourself so she can be a part of the fun without getting in harms way. 

In all the hoopla, don't forget to get fido a present! A kong, squeaky toy or bully stick will almost always keep him happy for awhile.




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