We hosted a zoom event with a professional groomer awhile ago and it turns out people had a lot of questions! Here are the answersto the most commonly asked questions:


First of all make sure that the water is not too hot or not too cold. This is key. People tend to have it way too hot or way too cold. You want to put some water in the sink or tub, before you put the dog in there. Just a few inches so it's shallow enough that they're not nervous or scared. If you can avoid it, do not have the water running as that can scare them. Use a pitcher, bowl or cup to rinse them, that you have filled up with water before hand.



Make sure that water AND shampoo is not going in their ears, or their eyes. There are protective ointments to put in their eyes to make sure that their eyes are not getting shampoo in them because it can cause a burn on the cornea. Or you could use an adorable headband to block the water.



Pride+Groom makes it very easy to wash your dog yourself. Our unique applicator tip and thin formula allows you to use one hand to apply shampoodirectly down the spine of your pooch while comforting with the other. 




A professional should groom your dog or cat. You should never cut the hair with scissors anywhere on the body as it often leads to emergencies where the skin is cut. You should also not shave them. You have to leave that to the professionals. 

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