The PRIDE+GROOM 2024 Holiday Gift Guide

christmas gifts for dogs

This holiday season, delight the dog lover in your life (or yourself!) with thoughtful gifts that celebrate both them and their furry companion. From cozy and stylish dog beds to personalized accessories, the perfect presents await. Consider a customizable pet portrait or a beautifully crafted set of matching bathrobes for a sentimental touch. For the jewelry lover, a custom bracelet with your pet(s) name on it could make an ideal gift. Practical yet delightful options like grooming bundles, interactive toys, gourmet treats, or a subscription box filled with canine goodies will surely bring joy to both the pup and their fabulous owner. This holiday season, show your appreciation for your love of dogs with gifts that celebrate this special bond.

Here are our top picks for gifts for every dog lover and pup on your list:


Of course we are going to start the list off with our favorite thing. Which also happens to be Oprah’s Favorite Thing. What a coincidence! ;)

THE TOOL KIT is your secret arsenal for tackling mid-groom odors, messy mishaps, matted spots and pesky dry patches. All in an ADORBS gift bag to boot.


VALUE: $70

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OLLA Petite Pet Carrycot by Lambwolf Collective

This ultra soft cushioned cot provides a cuddly and secure space for pets who love to sleep in a curled up position. OLLA is named after the wide mouthed earthenware and is a lightweight carrycot designed for extra small pets up to 11lbs/ 5kg. It provides a portable and comfortable space for your little one. The design made it perfect for a full day's stay in an office, a daycare, sleepover at a friend's home or naps during travels. OLLA is lightly padded and can be used as a sling for short commutes. A safety belt inside can attach to a harness or collar. Available in 3 luxurious colors.


PRICE: $88

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Happy Howliday Bundle by Brutus Broth

Brutus Broth is on a mission to share the benefits of their broth with as many dogs as possible. They create broth and broth-related recipes that are both tasty and nutritional. Shake things up for your pup this holiday season with the Happy Howliday Bundle! Enjoy our Beef Mega Pack, a Brutus Broth Shaker to easily mix and pour your pup’s broth, a festive snowflake mold tray, and two seasonal recipe cards, all packaged in an adorable, reusable Doggy Bag!



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Holiday Skinny Peltz 3-Pack by ZippyPaws

Every dog wants a toy (or three) this holiday season! Our friends at ZippyPaws always have the perfect selection. This adorable trio of Holiday Skinny Peltz critters are dressed up ready to celebrate the holiday season! Set includes a fox donning a red outfit and cap, a raccoon sporting a red scarf, and a squirrel rocking a red suit and cap! Great stocking stuffer for pups - naughty or nice! ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz are no-stuffing plush dog toys that provide hours of squeaking fun! This set includes 3 large toys (1 of each: Santa Fox, Raccoon, and Elf Squirrel). Each toy includes 3 round squeakers.


PRICE: $19.99

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The Treat Jar + Treat Bundle by Botanical Bones

Three words: treat yo self. This signature treat jar is designed with an airtight seal to keep treats fresh and flavorful. It also looks super chic on any countertop. This jar pairs perfectly with the Botanical Bones bulk bags available in Balance + Calm for mood, Flower Power for longevity, Inner Glow for digestion, and Heart(Beet) for love + wellness.


PRICE: $57

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Happy Hanukkah! This is how all of us at P+G light the menorah in our homes: with eight days of swank! An elemental animal form with subtle layers of pattern and decoration, finished with a soft satin matte glaze. This hot dog starts its journey in our Soho pottery studio where Jonathan and his team sculpt the original model in clay. Unexpected and original.


PRICE: $132

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Dog DNA and Health Tests by Embark

Have you ever wanted to know just what breeds make up your mutt? Or get to the bottom of some health questions that have been bothering you? These tests are designed for your needs, plus you get dedicated support every step of the way. From genetic screenings to microbiome testing, when you test with Embark you'll be able to make smarter decisions about your dog’s care. Decode breed mix, screen for health conditions, find relatives — all this and more with Embark!


PRICE: Starting at $99+

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Ceramic Dog Bowls by Waggo

Waggo's durable ceramic dog bowls are easy to coordinate with your unique style in any room of your home! These modern dog bowls are hand glazed and in multiple bright, fun colors. Our team has a few in our homes, and the best part is they come in so many fun colors. All of their dog bowls are FDA approved and dishwasher safe. Available in small, medium, large sizes to fit your pups food and water needs.


PRICE: $24

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Gifts for Dog Walks

Rain, shine or snow, your dog needs to go! On a walk that is! Here are our picks for having the most efficient (and stylish) walks possible.

Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings by Walkee Paws

Never lose your dog’s boots again! Each pair of Walkee Paws suspends over your dog's back, and straps easily adjust to fit a range of dog heights and lengths within each size. Your set comes with water-resistant leggings that provide extended leg coverage, keeping fur dry, clean, and free of mud & snowballs. Plus, their Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings are machine-washable for easy cleanup--just rinse booties under cold water or wash on gentle cycle.


PRICE: $54.99

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Luxe Walking Set by Doodle Couture

Meet the perfect blend of style, convenience, and functionality for your dog walking needs. Another one of Oprah’s favorite pet items (hey neighbor!), which is a testament to its innovation and quality. Elevate your daily walks with this three-piece set, ensuring an elevated experience for you and your best friend. Available in several colors.


PRICE: $80

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Series 3 Dog GPS Collar by Fi

Meet a new breed of dog collar: The all-new Series 3 Fi Collar keeps your dog safe with live tracking, and fit with daily step activity goals. The lightest, strongest device ever built for dogs. 7,000,000 dogs go missing every year. Fi alerts you as soon as your dog escapes and helps you track them to recovery. The Fi Series 3 is a record setting, power-efficient smart collar that you can put on your dog and forget about for weeks.


PRICE: As little as $3.20/week with subscription

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Custom Gifts

Who doesn’t love a gift that’s made just for them? Custom options may be more expensive and take longer to receive, but we promise they're worth it! The receiver will agree.

Custom Pet Silhouette by Vana Chupp

Looking for a unique way to capture your pet's personality and charm? Look no further than our custom illustrated pet silhouette portraits! Our talented artists use high-quality digital illustration tools to create a beautiful silhouette art piece from your very own photographs of your pet. Then, we print the design on archival-quality paper, creating a stunning and timeless portrait that will be treasured for years to come.

Whether you're looking for a personalized pet lover gift or want to honor the memory of a beloved furry friend, our custom pet silhouettes are a perfect addition to any home decor. With options to personalize your portrait with your pet's name or other text, our classic portraits add a touch of class to any room.

Order now and create a cherished memory that will last a lifetime. It's never been easier to get a unique and personalized piece of art featuring your furry friend for mom, dad, grandparents, or any pet lover in your life.


PRICE: Starting at $45+

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Custom Beaded Bracelets by Little Words Project®

Select your style and choose your own words or names to share on your wrist! Just choose a crystal or stone bead style and craft a message up to 13 characters. After years of bullying, Adriana Carrig, Founder & CEO of Little Words Project®, started making bracelets in college for herself and her sorority sisters. The wearable affirmations reminded them of their worth, and got them through the tough times together. Ten years and millions of bracelets later, the Little Words Project® community is living proof that kindness is a superpower. Who doesn't want a bracelet with their pet's name on it? We know we do! (And psst: we already have them!)


PRICE: Starting at $35+

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Gifts that Give Back:

Gifts that are fabulous AND charitable? Yes please!

The Puppy Love Dog Sweater Bundle by Lingua Franca

100% sustainably sourced, ethically produced cashmere. Hand-stitched in NYC. Purchase a Lingua Franca "in dog we trust" red 100% cashmere dog sweater with the PRIDE+GROOM Puppy Love Product Bundle for a total discounted price of $200! 10% of this purchase will be donated directly to Animal Haven, a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned dogs and cats in the Tri-State area. Includes The Mane Tame Shampoo, The Swipe Grooming Wipes, The Proud Scent, and an "In Dog We Trust" shopper tote.




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Embroidered Plush Matching Robes by Good Thomas

Post-bath snuggles just got way cuter. The team behind Dog Threads has created the most luxurious matching moment for you + your pup with their embroidered ultra-plush robes. Practical and aesthetic, they hope you feel so fresh and oh so clean clean. Their matching sets make the perfect gift — worn by Just Bieber, seen on Shark Tank, and best of all, helping homeless pups with every purchase. Good Thomas donates 2% of every purchase to their nonprofit animal rescue partners.


PRICE: $51

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Must Love Dogs Coffee Bundle by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.®

At Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.®, they believe that great coffee can fuel a greater purpose. Through the sale of their organic and eco-friendly specialty coffees, they support rescue initiatives and organizations providing a second chance for pups in need of a helping hand. 20% of all Grounds & Hounds profits are deployed to their rescue organizations working to make the second-chance mission a reality. Enjoy a pop of color, a lot of pups, and their most loved blend and drinkware all in the same bundle! This Must Love Dogs Bundle includes the top selling items featuring their most popular design, perfect for every coffee drinking pup parent!


PRICE: $45

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A Bottle of Wine (or two) by Rescue Dog Wines

High quality, premium wines, helping dogs with every purchase! Cheers to that! The mission Rescue Dog Wines is to support the placement of as many rescue dogs as possible into loving homes through wine sales and donations. Their business is producing fine wines; their passion is helping rescue dogs. Their commitment is to give 50 percent of their profits to rescue dog and charity organizations.


PRICE: Starting at $22.99+
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As the holiday season approaches, the quest to find the ideal gift for our furry companions becomes an opportunity to express our love and appreciation for their unwavering loyalty and companionship. After all, as pet parents, spoiling them is one of the things we get the most joy out of.

Whether it's a plush toy for endless hours of play, the best grooming products money can buy, a cozy bed for peaceful naps, or delectable treats to tantalize their taste buds, the gesture of selecting the perfect gift for our dogs transcends mere materiality; it symbolizes the cherished bond we share with our canine friends. Embracing the joy in their wagging tails and gleaming eyes, these gifts serve as tokens of affection that brighten not just their day, but our own hearts as well, fostering a deeper connection that defines the true spirit of the holiday season. And it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to something nice as well!