How you present brushing and bathing is really important, so be sure to keep the energy positive!  A gentle tone of voice is perfect, be kind and calm!
Remember our dogs are doing something for us, so we want to use positive reinforcement.

1. You can’t overdo treats and praise
2. Reward with favorite toys and they will look forward to it.

Brushing is the most important thing you can do between groomings.

FREQUENCY— aim for every day.  The more often you do it, the better.  More often and the tangles won't have a chance to get very bad.  Less tangles to work with will make it more comfortable for you and your dog.

Moisture causes more tangles, so if it rains and the hair is wet more brushing is needed.

Begin by brushing.  Go one section at a time so that you can see that you are getting down to the skin, but don’t brush down on the skin.  Brush away from the skin. Keep brush away from the skin to avoid scratching the skin.  (That is called “brush burn”).  Try practicing on your arm and if it hurts you you can assume it will hurt your dog.  Be extra cautious to not brush the skin itself and do not repeatedly go over the same spot.  Move around.   Keep brushing until there are no tangles.

Then use your comb to check your work.  First use the wider spaces between the teeth part of the comb.  You want the comb to go straight down to the skin and you will know if there is a tangle.  If there is a tangle you need to brush some more.  Then check with comb again.  Finally check with the fine teeth part of the comb.  Don’t try to pull mats out with a comb.  Gently use your brush.  Be extra cautious to not brush the skin itself and do not repeatedly go over the same spot.

Brush the whole dog.  Bellies, feet… Pay extra attention to the armpits, the neck around the collar, the back of ears and the base of the tail.  If there is resistance to certain areas just be patient.  

If you do it often enough it will be a bonding experience and if you are consistent with treats and toys your dog will expect what is happening and will want to work with you.

So be sure to keep a brush close by!

To keep the area under her eyes clean (so that stuff doesn’t build up by her eyes) use a warm washcloth to gently wipe it down and away from his eyes.  This way stuff won’t build up and retain moisture in that area.

A warm washcloth wiping under her eyes daily will really help.

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Felicia Curtis

Felicia Curtis

January 26, 2023

Please advise when the brush is back in stock.

Felicia Curtis

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