BAREPAWED IN THE PARK: top 7 dog-friendly parks in NYC

best parks in NYC for dogs, dog-friendly parks in NYC

New Yorkers love their parks. That goes for the 4 legged ones too. In fact the very word will prick a pup’s ears up almost as quickly as the word “treat.” Sharing 7 dogs among us we’ve pulled together a cheat sheet for you and yours so you can step out into the sun and find your favorite.

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CHELSEA WATERSIDE PARK | West Chelsea 11th Ave & W 23rd St. New York, NY 10011

This is kind of the 6 Flags of dog parks. With lots of these to climb and jump on, Chelsea Waterside Park is great for getting the yayas out. Might want to plan for a two way nap as soon and you get home. 

TOMPKINS SQUARE DOG RUN | East Village 99 1/2 St Marks Pl. New York, NY 10009

The Tompkins Square Dog Run touts two runs—one for big boys and one for the littles. 3 swimming pools make it a great spot for hot days when a fur coat is less than ideal. Picnic tables for you and hoses and bathing posts (don’t forget your P+G) for them, you can bring sandwiches and treats and make a day of it. 

MADISON SQUARE PARK DOG RUN | NoMad Madison Square Park, Broadway New York, NY 10010

Jemmy’s Dog Run in Madison Square Park is nicely set for a dedicated visit or passers by. Water and poop bags are available in case you’re caught empty handed, and dogs can enjoy size specific runs, tree shade and refreshing water spigots. Pop over to Shake Shack for a cold one and a dog treat and you’ve got yourselves a cool New York afternoon with your bestie.

SIRIUS DOG RUN | Battery Park 385 S End Ave. New York, NY 10280

Named after a service dog who perished in the 9/11 rescue efforts, Sirius Dog Run is small but fully paved. The feature that gets the most attention is a big cement “bowl” that periodically fills up with water and then self-drains, providing some of best mud-free puddle jumping a pup could ask for.  

WEST VILLAGE D.O.G. RUN | West Village 55 Little W 12th St. New York, NY 10014

Membership has its privileges! The West Village D.O.G. Run does have a membership fee ($245/year last we checked) but it is beautifully kept and well equipped with toys, a nicely maintained dog pool and first aid needs. If you and your dog are West Villagers and like a little business class, this is a great option.

UNION SQUARE PARK DOG RUN | 15th St & Union Square W, New York, NY, US, 10003

A favorite go to for PRIDE+GROOM founders Regina and Patricia (and Leo and Penny and Kiki), the Union Square Park Dog Run is touted for nice dogs AND nice owners (see beginning of sentence). A convenient respite for fresh water and a little exercise, the Union Square Park Dog Run is also tucked into the same area as a lush green market and famous holiday fair. You and your pack can get a lot done here. 


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SIR WILLIAM’S DOG RUN | Inwood 65 Margaret Corbin Dr. New York, NY 10040

Sir William wins for big. Pocketed in pretty Fort Tyron Park all the way up (more up than uptown to be fair) this is a run for nature lovers. The views and extensive areas appropriate for dogs of all sizes are breathtaking—a visit here can be considered a proper excursion.

Visit NYC Parks for tips, rules and a broader list |


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