the best dog conditioner, how to use dog conditioner

Dog conditioner 101: how to select the best dog conditioner?

What is dog conditioner? 

You may think, “I washed my dog, isn’t that enough? Why do I need the extra step of using dog conditioner?” I would ask “do you use conditioner on your own hair after shampooing?” Just like humans conditioner seals in shine, and does whatever your specific hair type of conditioner does, dog conditioner does the same.

Dog conditioner is a product that is used after shampooing to help detangle the fur, add shine, and moisturize the coat and skin. Conditioner can also help to protect the dog fur or hair from damage caused by brushing and combing.

How to use dog conditioner?

Finish the job right! Always wash your dog before conditioning. 

the best dog conditioner, how to use conditioner on the dog

Step 1:  Wash dog coat and fur with shampoo. 
Step 2: Clean dog coat with coat-specific shampoo. 
Step 3. Thoroughly rinse the remaining shampoo with lots of water until it runs clear. 
Step 4. Apply the conditioner on wet fur or hair.
Step 5. Massage it into the coat.
Step 6. Rinse dog conditioner out completely. 
Step 7. Towel dry and apply lots of love and kisses!

NOTE: Even with tearless dog shampoo, always avoid getting the conditioner in your dog's eyes, as it can cause irritation. 

How often should you use dog conditioner?

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The frequency of using conditioner on your dog will depend on the type of coat and the needs of your dog's skin. For example, dogs with dry fur may need to be conditioned more frequently than those with oily fur. We recommend using conditioner as often as you use shampoo. Consult with your veterinarian before making that decision. Sometimes a little bit of dog conditioner goes a long way

How is dog conditioner different from human conditioner?

Dog conditioners are usually much lighter than human conditioners, as they are designed to be gentle on the dog's sensitive skin. Human conditioners can be too heavy for dogs and can cause irritation. In addition, dogs have a very different PH balance than humans which means that ingredients that are beneficial for human hair and skin may actually be harmful for your four legged family member.

What are some of the best dog conditioners?

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This was the first bath for this adorable rescue labrador retriever

 Some of the best dog conditioners include:

  • Oatmeal Conditioner: This type of conditioner is great for dogs with sensitive skin, as it can help to soothe and relieve itchiness.
  • Coconut Oil Conditioner: This type of conditioner can help to add shine and moisture to the fur.

Pro Tip: We do not recommend using Tea Tree Oil on dogs. While it is fine for humans, Tea tree oil is actually harmful for dogs. To achieve a soft, easy to brush dog coat, look at THE FINAL COAT, the best dog conditioner on the market, which includes aloe & coconut oil, more beneficial ingredients for dog hair, fur & skin.


What ingredients to avoid when choosing a dog conditioner? 

Sulphates and other chemicals need to be avoided when you are on the hunt for the best dog conditioner. Just like human hair, these substances cause a lot of damage to the dog coat at the expense of a quick fix. When looking for the right dog conditioner, look for natural and nourishing ingredients. The benefits will be long lasting for you and your pooch.

Should I use conditioner on my dog?

The decision of whether or not to use conditioner on your dog is up to you. If you feel that your dog's fur could benefit from the added moisture and shine, then using a conditioner may be a good idea. 

Our personal recommendation is to use conditioner on dogs with hair, like doodles. Using conditioner every time after rinsing off the dog shampoo from dog’s hair, will facilitate brushing the dog, as your pooch’s hair will be conditioned & softened. 

Can you use human conditioner on a dog?

According to American Kennel Club, "no"!  You should avoid using human conditioner on a dog, as it can be too heavy and irritate the skin. Dog conditioners are designed to be gentle on the skin and are usually much lighter than human conditioners.

What do groomers use to wash dogs?

There is no universal answer to this question. There are many factors that a groomer may consider when picking a conditioner to us. Most groomers use dog conditioner to help them brush and style a dog. This can sometimes mean harsh ingredients and a chemical smell. 

A good groomer will select natural options, that have no harsh chemicals, to avoid irritations. You can help by recommending your favorite dog conditioner to your groomer. Or better yet, send your dog with his own set of shampoo and conditioner. 

Pride+Groom has created perfect dog conditioner, that is used by groomers across the world, but it is also suitable for home use. Only natural & nourishing oils and signature scent!

Thanks for reading! We hope this article was helpful in finding the best dog conditioner for your pup. If you missed our article on choosing the best dog shampoo, make sure to check it out here! 


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