We love surrounding ourselves with professionals who love their jobs and their dogs as much as we do. And we REALLY love sharing their expertise with you. Check out our favorite dog whisperers!


We're so proud to be partnered with Small Door Veterinary--a modern, reimagined version of veterinary care combining high end, sophisticated pet care with honest, transparent pricing. AKA how it should be, are we right?


Dr. Cindy Bressler is a House Call Veterinarian who has been treating New York City and Hampton’s dogs since 2003. She is the only Veterinarian to see patients in Manhattan and the Hamptons which allows her patients to receive the same veterinary care wherever they are located. PRIDE+GROOM was proud to have Dr. Bressler as its Summer 2021 Resident Veterinarian providing health tips and advice on all things skin and coat related.  Her insight as the weather heats up, and our families head outdoors, is invaluable! 


New York City trainer Salvatore "Sal" Romano, owner of
The Delighted Dog, works one on one with each of his 4 legged clients to build trust and respect, tailoring an interactive experience that best suits their individual needs.