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Top Dog Halloween Costumes 2024

It might be a challenge to even think about finding a great Halloween costume for your dog when you yourself haven't found the perfect look. But as you probably know, picking out the best dog costume for Halloween is actually so much fun, especially since there are so many easy DIY options and store-bought picks to have everyone oohing and aahing over them come October 31st. Not to mention, there are so many great matching dog and owner looks that are honestly too good to pass up. 

Dogs in Costumes

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Dogs deserve Halloween costumes that are just as even more thought out and detailed than ours. So, if you haven't considered what your dog or cat's costume will be this Halloween, it's time to start planning.

PRO TIP: If you want to dress up your pup in an adorable costume, make sure their costume is something that they are used to wearing, comfortable, and doesn’t restrict movement — like going to the bathroom, or drinking water. The halloween party can be a total flop with an ill-fitting pet costume. And trust me, it's not worth the cute pics if the dog isn't happy.

Even the cutest costumes can be derailed by a dog’s anxiety. Halloween night is fun for us, but often confusing and scary to dogs. It can be very frightening to your dog if the inflatable dinosaur costume at the door smells like the neighbor’s child, but doesn’t look or sound like her.

Whether your dog will be dressed as a cow or an astronaut this year, we’ve compiled the best picks across categories like food, animals, and pop culture to make your pet stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. Your playful pup is going to rock their look this coming Halloween. Now all you have to do is find the perfect matching outfit to really steal the show!

Let’s Start with the Obvious:

Barbie Costume:

Barbie Costume for dogs

The hottest movie of the year is definitely going to be the inspiration behind many pet costumes alike. Here are a few of our favorite Barbie Girls:

  1. This Gap × Barbie™ Arch Logo Dog Hoodie

  2. This Barbie Sporty Girl Track Suit Dog Costume

  3. This Barbie Totally Hair Pup Costume

Odd Jobs:

If you've ever wanted to see what it might look like for your German Shepherd to have a job, or dress your four legged friend up like a Home Depot employee, then Halloween is the holiday for you! Let's start with a few of my personal favorites.

Mail Carrier:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep your pup from trick-or-treating when they're dressed in this US Mail Carrier Dog Costume. The blue outfit features foam arms that hold up a USPS box, giving the illusion that your dog is walking on two legs. This easy, slip-on outfit stays closed with a hook-and-loop closure. People will be more excited for this little mail carrier than they are for the package they bring!

Starbucks Barista:

This hilarious costume is the exact dog lifestyle content we all need. We really like this one a latte!

Dr. Doggo:

The dogtor is in!

Classics Costumes for Fido:

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice:

This fun and colorful classic pumpkin costume allows your dog to channel their inner pumpkin, and slips on and off easily while offering a comfortable fit. What an adorable way for your dog to share in your love for Halloween. It's definitely a top contender.

Look, it’s Freakin’ Bats:

Who will be batty over their dog costume ideas this Halloween?

Hot Diggity Dog:

What could be cuter than a dog dressed as a hot dog? Their long bodies are the perfect shape for waddling down the street as a sausage. This great costume can be repurposed in the summertime for backyard BBQs and ball games too!This particular costume is a plush, soft pullover bodysuit. It comes in four sizes and has a mustard relish on top. Warning, your dog might want to eat themselves for looking so yummy!

Which Witch?:

Turn your canine into a spellcaster with a witch dress and hat. This detailed purple and black outfit with gold accents is made for small dogs and just screams scary. The dress slides on, and the hat has a strap. Get the whole family in on the action and wear matching witch outfits.

Cowboy Costume:

Yeehaw! Normally when you think of a dog cowboy costume, you’re imagining your pup dressed up as a tiny human. But this cute costume really puts a funny twist on the typical getup. Instead of being the cowboy, your dog becomes the horse, while a plush cowboy rides on his back. So if you’re in the market for a joke costume for your pup, this is definitely a great option.

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DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY halloween dog costumes

Include your furry friend in the fun costume this year's Halloween celebrations by crafting a handmade costume for your dog or cat. From Beanie Baby tags to mummy wrapped pups, there are many options for costumes you can create yourself right from home, as long as you gather the right materials!

Check out these helpful articles from The Spruce Crafts and HGTV to get everyone in on the fun together. 

Disney Dog Costumes

Disney themed costumes are great on their own, but dogs in Disney costumes take the cake. You can pair your Disney wardrobe with any Disney dog costumes to bring your dreams to life! How cute would Elsa be with a little dog Olaf at her side? What about the towering Sulley with his best pal Mike? You could say that the paw-sibilities with these dog Disney costumes are endless!

Star Wars Costume Fits

Pay tribute to beloved characters across the franchise with these Star Wars dog costumes for Halloween or even May the 4th. Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't your only hope this Halloween.

Fun Fact: Princess Leia is one of the most iconic characters in the “Star Wars” franchise—and in a Princess Leia costume, your pet will be one of the most iconic dogs of the block, wherever you go.

Spooky Scary Dog Costumes

We hesitate to use the word "scary" to describe these pet costumes. Let's be honest. Dogs in horror movie costumes are so cute! Would you be afraid of a little pup dressed as Chucky? (Maybe if they come chasing you down to steal your snacks, but watching their little arms wagging back and forth is hardly horrific.)

What about a Pennywise dog costume? That doggie demon is an adorable shapeshifter! Of course, we do have to admit there is such a thing as a scary dog costume. Let your pet climb into a giant spider dog costume, and you will surely get a few shrieks! (That's one bug that'll chew on your shoe instead of getting squashed by it!)

Things to Consider Before Buying Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

  • Safety

There are several safety considerations you should keep in mind when buying a costume for your dog. The best materials for dog costumes are sturdy and simple. Materials that cannot be easily chewed apart, well-sewn seams, and non-toxic materials are best. Add a light to your leash or something reflective to your dog’s costume so you both can be seen at night. Also, try to have an ID tag attached to your dog’s costume if they are not microchipped to ensure that they can find their way back to you if you get separated.

If you do choose a costume for your pet, consider your pet’s personality and what type of costume they may tolerate and for how long. Masks and hats that fit around the face, for example, may be OK for the length of time it takes to snap a quick pic, but they can pose dangers and make your pet feel uncomfortable. Best to keep pet costumes minimal.

  • Size 

The size of your dog will also help you choose which costume will be the best fit. If your dog is small in stature, you might want to skip a large headpiece that could put pressure on their necks. Don’t use a dog costume that is not the right size or too heavy for your pup. On the other hand, you should look for something sturdy to secure the costume on a larger dog — for instance, a thicker velcro strap. 

  • Durability 

Additionally, you might want to think about the durability of a costume such as its ability to be washed, and not be chewed through. Certain materials are going to be a little more durable like fleece, leather, and cotton, but most costumes are made with a blend of polyester so your dog should always be supervised so they don’t accidentally chew and swallow harmful materials (like hair from a wig, for instance). You should also keep in mind whether the costume can be easily washed, since we’re dealing with animals here, and they can be messy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Halloween Costumes

What materials should be avoided for dog halloween costumes?

Do not force your pup to wear something they are uncomfortable in. Avoid anything that restricts movement, such as going to the bathroom or drinking water. Your doggo’s ears are sensitive, and most dogs don’t enjoy wearing something on their head that covers their ears. Using dog booties or shoes will need practice and some time getting used to how they feel on their feet. Short training sessions with positive reinforcement and affectionate praise will build up your dog’s confidence and teach them that wearing something new does not have to be scary. If you notice chewing, itching, scratching or a rash develop, remove the costume immediately.

What are the best costumes for tough chewers?

If your pup is a tough chewer, it may be safest to stick to a decorated leash or fancy Halloween collar. Dogs that have a strong urge to chew could tear off a part of their costume and swallow pieces. Wigs with artificial hair, spider legs with stuffing and wire, plastic accessories, jingle bells, and spider web material can all pose a choking hazard or even an intestinal blockage if your pup chews apart their costume. Consider the 'less is more' approach for a heavy chewer.

What are the most popular dog costumes?

Looking over the last few years of trendy dog costumes, there are a few consistent winners as far as dog costume ideas. As the decorated fruit (yes, fruit!) of the fall holidays, pumpkins also come in the lead as the most popular dog costume. Ranking just behind are bats and bumble bees, closely followed by lion manes.

So if you want to stick to the classics, consider the Thrills & Chills Halloween Pumpkin Dog Costume. However, if you want to live on the wild side, you can dress your cute dog like a UPS mail person, Marie Antoinette lookalike, or even a bishop. The possibilities are endless, especially for a small dog, where there are way more available options to be purchased online and in stores!


We hope you can find the perfect dog costume (maybe even to pair with your pooch!) There are so many Halloween dog costumes that sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Lastly, while you’re celebrating the spooky holiday, make sure to keep your dog safe. While it is easily one of the most exciting and fun holidays of the year, it can be pretty stressful for dogs. It is important to keep in mind what NOT to do this Halloween, keeping your furry little friend as safe as possible while the trick or treaters are out!