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Essential Pride+Groom Ingredients

We're so proud of our ingredients and how their quality is almost immediately evident. Some are well known, many are unusual, all are pretty much perfect. From our coat specific dog shampoos to THE FINAL COAT conditioner, our products are meant to perform on a dog's coat and the skin beneath.

While essential oils have been around for a very long time, in more recent years, their popularity has seemed to have picked up. Especially when it comes to healthy skin and hair. So what happens when a pet company strategically formulates an all natural dog shampoo using essential oils? An entire line of shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically for your dog’s sensitive-skinned, heavy-shedding, or non-shedding needs is born, utilizing the many natural benefits of essential oils. Choose the formula that's right for your dog's hair type and let's get gorgeous.

PRIDE+GROOM, a line of luxury dog grooming products, was founded in February 2020 by four female entrepreneurs who wanted better ingredients for the products used on their pets. The main idea was to have a beauty line for dogs with clean products that smell amazing and are designed for good performance during the grooming process.

Every PRIDE+GROOM formula contains its own unique blend of essential oils and sustainable ingredients chosen for dogs' specific coat and skin types. When it comes to the ingredients and health benefits, PRIDE+GROOM focuses on a specific set of essential oils. Our product has a lot of unique oils, such as niaouli, marshmallow root, flaxseed and quinoa. We use a lot of natural ingredients that are truly beneficial for both the skin and the coat. Every ingredient comes from vegetable sources, not chemical sources.

The moisturizing products smell divine, thanks to all-natural ingredients like calendula extract for soothing itchy skin, marshmallow root for healing hot spots, and jojoba seed oil for unclogging hair follicles.  Are you considering using essential oils for your dog(s) or cat(s)? We are here to break down everything you need to know about how to safely and effectively use essential oils with your dog.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.” Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. Essential oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with carrier oils to create a product that’s ready for use.

The way the oils are made is important, as essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils. Whether it’s for relaxing aromatherapy or a natural way to repel bugs, millions of people use essential oils daily. And like many other things you have around your house, you might be wondering if you can use them for the same purposes on your dog, too. Because here's the truth, some are safe for dogs, and others are bad (or potentially toxic) for them.

Understanding Essential Oil(s)

Understanding Essential Oil

Have you ever asked why plants contain essential oils? 

One reason is that they can’t move to escape threats. Instead, they produce compounds to repel predators and pathogens, but also to attract polinators. Conversely, other plants use essential oils to defend against insects and other animals. It has been shown that the saps and resins produced by some trees deter wood boring beetles. In other words, essential oils are part of the immune system of the plant.

How can the body absorb essential oils?

The body can absorb these oils into the bloodstream through various methods:

  • Inhalation
  • Ingestion (eating or licking)
  • Through the skin

Once the oils get into the bloodstream, they can travel to various tissues and have numerous benefits. Different chemicals in the oils have a biological affinity for certain tissues. So knowing your oil’s components is the first step in choosing the right oil that is safe for your furry friend.

Essential oils are very powerful, especially for animals. You need to make sure the ones you choose are safe for dog(s) or cat(s). Even tiny amounts can have powerful biological effects on every system of the body. Although the concept of these natural ingredients are not new, the research into them is. Ironically, while most studies (unfortunately) start on animals and progress to humans, the look into the science behind essential oils has mostly only been done on human subjects. 

Why Use Essential Oils In Dog Grooming Products?

All of our products contain essential oils that are used to treat and clean a dog’s hair coat and skin. Many of the oils we use are also widely used in the best natural beauty products on the market, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and almond oil.

The Most Popular Pet Safe Essential Oils Used in Beauty and Skincare Products

The Most Popular Pet Safe Essential Oils Used in Beauty and Skincare Products


Marshmallow root can nourish and detangle, condition dry skin and hair, prevent breakage, restore damaged locks, and prevent irritation caused by a drier skin and scalp. The marshmallow root has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is very hydrating because of its high mucilage content.

  • Kills Bacteria
  • Moisturizes Dry Pads
  • Heals Hot Spots


Cold pressed flaxseed oil is an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial solution to various issues of skin and hair. In humans, it will help to make your skin look younger, radiant, healthy, and problem-free. At the same time in dogs, it stimulates the growth of hair, prevents dandruff, and nourishes the scalp.

  • Supports Healthy Coat
  • Rich in Omega-3
  • Fatty Acids
  • Enhances Shiny Coat


Used in natural cosmetic formulations, Niaouli Oil benefits include deep cleansing, smoothing, and balancing properties to promote the skin and hair's natural radiance. In dogs, it can even be applied to treat itchy skin and hasten wound healing.

  • Soothes and Heels
  • Heals Itchy Skin
  • Repels Insects
  • Antibacterial


Quinoa contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1 & E, and amino acids. This very nutrient-dense seed has a lot to offer your dog. This plant-derived oil can reduce shedding, give your dog a glossier coat and healthier skin, and prevent and treat hot spots.

  • Nourishes Follicles
  • Provides Resiliency to Skin
  • Reduces Dryness in Skin and Dandruff
  • Treats Hot Spots


It’s nontoxic and hypoallergenic, and it's safe to use on your fur babies. If your cat or dog's skin is dry and they suffer from excessive scratching, rub this oil on their problem areas once or twice a day for natural itch relief. Jojoba oil is nontoxic and nonallergenic (the extract is pressed from a seed, not a nut, and is safe for humans, dogs, and cats alike)

  • Unclogs Hair Follicles
  • Softens Coat
  • Heals Hot Spots
  • Helps Skin Irritation and Allergic Reactions


Calendula is used to keep dog wounds clean and help new tissue to grow. It can help relieve tenderness, redness, or inflammation at the site of the wound, speed up cell reproduction, and inhibit bacteria growth at the site of injury. It’s also very moisturizing, which makes it good for soothing dry, cracked paw pads and noses.

  • Cleans Wounds
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Heals Hot Spots
  • Helps Dry Cracked Skin


A nutrient-dense and can be a great addition to your pet’s diet in safe, small amounts, whether added to dog food, as a supplement, or applied to the skin. Rich in fatty acids and healthy saturated fats, coconut oil has many benefits for dogs.

For this reason, this oil is among the best oils for canine and human skin, which is why so many products and dog shampoos for pups use it as a key ingredient. Many natural beauty products now contain coconut oil because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It's great for a dog's skin, and even a human's sensitive skin.

  • Makes the Coat Very Shiny
  • Relieves Allergies and Itchy Skin
  • Naturally Eliminates Fleas and Ticks
  • Antifungal Properties
  • Soothes Dry, Irritated Skin and Hot Spots
  • Natural Wound Care Option


It's great for dry and itchy skin. Just massage it into your dog's hair and let its soothing qualities do their job. Sweet almond oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be a light sun protectant.

  • Moisturize and Soothe Dry Skin
  • Snout Soother
  • Itch Relief


This magical gift from nature has skin healing properties for various skin conditions. It is used in some of our personal favorite skin care products (and sometimes we even add a few drops into a regular moisturizer). The results on our own skin inspired us to incorporate it into our PAW BALM formula, as we noticed that during the winter and summer, or just from walking on the streets of New York City, our dog’s paws were always dry and had small cuts.

Though quite expensive, this oil contains many therapeutic properties which are beneficial for pets, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties as well. It acts as an antioxidant, helping to detox your dogs. Helichrysum oil also has antimicrobial and antibacterial components which is great for treating cuts and injuries on dogs. It's one of the best essential oils for skin problems in pets.

  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial
  • Treats Skin Issues
  • Healing

Why PRIDE+GROOM Grooming Products Are Different:

Why PRIDE+GROOM Grooming and Skincare Products Are Different?

  1. Each formula is specifically designed for a dog's coat type and contains a unique blend of beneficial, essential natural oils delivering long lasting results for a great smelling dog while keeping the coat shiny. No harsh chemicals. No artificial fragrances.
  2. Like humans, dogs’ coats (and skin) have different characteristics, and our products are created to care for their respective needs, making them the best dog shampoo varieties on the market. Whether your dog has sensitive skin, skin allergies, or is a shedder or non shedder, there is a shampoo formula suitable for them.
  3. There is nothing like the scent that runs through our line. Subtle yet unforgettable. Smells good. Wait, scratch that. Smells GREAT!
  4. Our community is important to us. We are here to help, educate and rectify anything that comes up.

How To Use Essential Oils For Your Dogs:

Essential Oils For Your Dogs

There are many ways to use all of these oils safely for your dog, however, keep these things in mind:

  • Understand purity/dilution - While you definitely want to have the purest form of essential oil to use on your dog, more is not always better. In fact, many oils can be harmful if applied directly, so diluting them is essential. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be using oils that are more potent than 3-6 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil.

  • Think about the other members of your household - Dogs may not be your only animal friends at home. Some oils that are safe for dogs are not safe for other pets, like cats. Be mindful of which oils you use and how you use them to make sure it’s safe for everyone at home.

  • Using essential oils topically - The safest way to use these oils for dogs is by infusion or topical application. You can either put the diluted oil on your hands and pet your dog, rubbing the oil onto the skin, or mix it into their bath products. Please note, you should NEVER use pure essential oils directly on your pet’s skin (without your veterinarian’s recommendation). Pure essential oil is far too concentrated to be beneficial and will likely cause skin irritation and discomfort. Using products, like PRIDE+GROOM’s shampoos, where the essential oils are already properly formulated, will save you a lot of time and research, as they already contain the perfect essential oil blend.

Harmful Essential Oils for Dogs

Some essential oils (such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil) are actually very bad or even toxic to dogs and cause a sleuth of adverse effects including breathing problems, muscle tremors/weakness, fatigue, rash, redness and burns, vomiting, and even collapse. Remember, it is important to diffuse essential oils and research different oils before using them.

Note: if your dog shows any of these signs at any time, stop what you’re doing and contact your veterinarian or holistic vet immediately!

Some common essential oils that are harmful or bad for dogs include:

  • Anise
  • Cinnamon
  • Citrus
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Garlic
  • Juniper
  • Peppermint oil
  • Pine
  • Thyme
  • Yarrow
  • Tea Tree

Keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive list, so be sure to do your research before using new oils. Your best bet is to call your vet and ask them the risks and benefits before you use any oils. Air fresheners, oils labeled as having a "calming effect" or "relaxing effect," and ones that combat stress may cause serious issues for a dog, impacting their central nervous system or blood pressure. Always consult a veterinarian or a holistic veterinarian first to use essential oils safely.

The PRIDE+GROOM Shampoos

1. THE NON SHEDDER: If every dog has its day, today is it. With healing, nourishing and shine-inducing properties, THE NON SHEDDER shampoo is formulated specifically for the hair-coat of your beloved, non-shedding dog with all-natural ingredients and a fresh signature scent.

2. THE SHEDDER: Don’t take it the wrong way. “THE SHEDDER” just means your dog has fur instead of hair. Because that can mean more loose fur and often dander, THE SHEDDER is formulated to moisturize and nourish both the coat and the skin underneath.

3. THE SENSITIVE ONE: There’s always one in the bunch, and for your sensitive one, something a little more calming might be in order.  THE SENSITIVE ONE shampoo is formulated with ingredients aimed to soothe and regulate the skin and follicles of these gentler souls so they can get to the business of dogging in comfort and peace.

4. THE MANE TAME: THE MANE TAME is light, foamy and super easy to use. No water necessary. A quick and surprisingly thorough way to extend the life of a groom or just freshen up a coat that’s been around the block just a few times too many. This dry shampoo for dogs is a foaming agent that has a rich lather. Dog owners will love it because NO WATER is required!

Know a kitty who could use a little somethin somethin? THE MANE TAME is great for cats too. Quick and effective—they'd never admit it, but they'll feel anew. Pump THE MANE TAME into your hand (for cats and small dogs the size of an egg, for bigger dogs, a couple of eggs). It's not just a dog's shampoo!

5. THE FINAL COAT: Finish the job right with THE FINAL COAT conditioner. After lathering your pup up with PRIDE+GROOM shampoo, there’s no better way to seal in some long lasting shine and manageability than with a good conditioning. THE FINAL COAT uses superior, all-natural ingredients which untangle and nourish any coat, no matter who’s wearing it.


Essential oils should be used with caution, even with "dog-safe" options! It is best to consult your vet when you have specific questions about essential oils for a dog (or a cat!) When you know how to use essential oils for dogs in a safe way, it can give you another effective tool to help make their life as happy and healthy as possible. All of the PRIDE+GROOM dog shampoo formulas are completely safe for dogs. The ingredients and natural oils are easily absorbed and safe for dogs of all skin and coat types, even those with sensitive skin.

Remember not to allow your dog to ingest them, store them safely, and choose only essential oils that are known to be safe. 

The benefits of essential oils in a dog or a cat, especially when it comes to skincare and coat care, are incredible. When you choose the right shampoo, the benefits speak for themselves. Are there any other essential oils or ingredients that you and your dog love? We want to hear all about it in the comments below! To view the ingredients for each of our products, simply navigate to the information section of the product page. We believe in transparency and therefore disclose 100% of our ingredients for each product. You can also head over to our INGREDIENTS PAGE.

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