14 Popular Dog Breeds with Health Issues

14 popular dog breeds in USA, health issues of popular dog breeds


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We don’t want to stereotype, but unfortunately certain dog breeds come with specific pre-dispososed health problems. Knowing what health issues can arise can help you treat your pup or hopefully even avoid them!  Consulting a vet pre or post adoption can secure you with the tools you need to be prepared.

Dog health issues by breed: 

bulldogs breathing problems, bulldogs health issues, bulldogs health problems, bulldog lifespan
The unmistakable smushed face of a bulldog


What makes these angels cute is also what can cause them to have health issues. Their smushed in faces can cause them to have respiratory problems. 

NOTE: All snub-nosed breeds are more susceptible to overheating. The broad head and constricted airways found in Shi Tzus, Boxers, Boston Terriers and Bull Mastiffs means you should keep these babies cool all summer long. That said, English and French Bulldogs are the most susceptible to heat related issues. 

labrador retriever health issues, labrador retriever healthy weight, labrador retriever health concerns, golden retriever health issues, golden retriever healthy weight, golden retriever health concerns
Beautiful black lab soaks in the sun


Labradors are particularly prone to becoming overweight. They need a lot of exercise! 

The most common issue for Goldens is hip dysplasia a form of arthritis. This form of arthritis refers to the abnormal growth or development of the ball and socket joint of a golden’s hips. A golden retriever with hip dysplasia will have a deformed joint and socket at the hip. He may be in pain, have swelling and trouble walking. 

The other issue golden retrievers are prone to is skin issues. Their dense undercoating long top cot create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Skin issues can include, dryness, flaky skin, allergies. Usually these are easily treated but if you notice something go to your vet to rule out anything more serious.  

To cater to the needs of dogs with sensitive skin, use a special shampoo such as Pride+Groom The Sensitive One


bernese mountain dog health problems, bernese mountain dog health concerns, bernese mountain dog hip dysplasia
Perfect example of a tai-color Bernese Mountain Dog with white "slippers"


Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the largest dogs breeds averaging in weight from males at 80-115 pounds) to females at 70-95 pounds. Large dogs in particular are at risk of canine hip dysplasia, which causes the head of the femur bone to join into the hip socket incorrectly. The Bernese Mountain dog breed also have a relatively short life expectancy of 7-10 years. 

german shepherd health concerns, german shepherd hip dysplasia, german shepherd elbow issues, german shepherd healthy weight
a beautiful German Shepherd taking a water break


German Shepherds appear so tough and rugged its hard to picture them in pain or slow moving. Being a big dog like Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherds are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. German Shepherd owners need to take their health and exercise requirements seriously!

dachshund health issues, dachshund health concerns dachshund back issues, dachshund back problems, dachshund life span
Little Dachsund lounging at home 


Because of their (adorable) long bodies, Dachsunds are prone to back issues and spine problems. Make sure you keep your Dach breed pup at a healthy weight as and extra weight on the back can make it worse. If your short legged friend starts limping or whining when you touch him call the Vet immediately.

Fun Fact: Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers. They were selectively bred to have short legs so they could scrabble down the badger holes.

cocker spaniel health issues, cocker spaniel health concerns, cocker spaniel life span, cocker spaniel ear issues
This Cocker Spaniel is enjoying his favorite activity 


Any dog with particularly furry ears like the cocker is going to be prone to ear infections as it is harder to keep the ears clean. When you bathe your cocker be sure to keep the ear canals dry.

Cocker Spaniels are also prone to Glaucoma. Glaucoma, an eye condition that affects English Cocker type of Spaniels and people. It is an extremely painful disease that rapidly leads to blindness if left untreated. If you notice squinting, watery eyes or blue-ing of cornea call your vet. 

pom pom dog bath time headband, dog hand band, dog grooming headband

PRO TIP: Invest in a headband to keep dog ears dry while washing (and looking adorable). 

pomeranians losing fur, pomeranian health issues, pomeranian breed specific heath problems
A little furry Pom mouthing off to her owner


Poms are sadly prone to losing their amazing fur. Spaying or neutering often causes the hair to grow back as the hair loss is usually caused by excess production of sex hormones. In addition, Melatonin supplements sometimes help.

matese dog tremors, Maltese health concerns, maltese age span, maltese health risks, westie dog tremors, westie health concerns, westie age span, westie health risks
Westie sitting on the windowsill waiting for his pawrents to return home


Little white dogs are at higher risk for developing tremors. In fact, it is so associated with white coated dogs that it is often referred to as “Little White Dog Syndrome”. Prednisone should alleviate the problem so see your veterinarian if you notice anything unusual.

poodle health risks, poodle heath concerns, poodles addison's disease, poodle life expectancy
Poodles always look like they are smiling. This little gal is no exception


Addison's Disease is very common in Poodles. Addison’s Disease is when the adrenal glands don't produce enough of the hormone cortisol. A dog can become lethargic, stressed and even depressed. Poodles are also at a higher risk for eye cataracts.

chihuahua health issues, chihuahua health concerns, chihuahua  lifespan, chihuahua knew issues, chihuahua leg issues, chihuahua breathing
My what big ears you have little Chi


Dislocated knee caps are common in Chi’s. The good news is that it is only painful for your pup when the dislocation actually happens. Other than that, he will just not put pressure on that leg.

Chi’s are also prone to collapsing trachea. The cartilage supporting the trachea is weakened which results in a collapse. Signs include coughing, shortness of breath and tiredness. See you Vet if you notice anything unusual. 

Chinese Crested hair loss, Chinese Crested health concerns, Chinese Crested lifespan, mexican hairless hair loss, mexican hairless dog health concerns
Chinese Crested Dog sporting the "Rachel" hairdo from Friends

HAIRLESS DOG BREEDS: Mexican and Chinese Crested

Hairless dogs typically have skin problems, especially blackheads and clogged hair follicles if the skin gets too dirty or wet. They are prone to allergies that cause itching and scratching that can tear the skin, which can lead to bacterial infections. The genes that produce hairlessness in dog breeds also tends to produce bad teeth or missing teeth. 

great dane and bloat, great dane health concerns, great dane lifespan, great dane health issues
Bruce the Great Dane waiting for dinner


Sadly, Great Danes, in all their glory have a relatively short life span averaging between 6-10 years. These regal creatures are prone to numerous health issues, including bloating, a dangerous and often fatal condition that results in the stomach twisting and cutting off blood supply. Once a dog suffers from bloat they will often get it again and your veterinarian may recommend a tacking procedure to try and minimize future risk. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian about the symptoms of bloat and if there is anything you can do to help prevent it.

boston terrier cherry eye, boston terrier, heath issues, boston terrier health concerns, boston terrier lifespan, boston terrier breathing issues
Boston Terrier getting ready for his selfie


The most common issue for Boston Terriers is Cherry Eye. Cherry Eye in dogs is characterized as a protrusion in the tear glands. The tear gland is also referred to as the third eyelid since it keeps the dog’s eyes safe from dust and other harmful objects. If your dog has a severe cherry eye you WILL KNOW IT!! It’s a red protrusion that can look like a wart on the eye. If you notice anything unusual starting to develop in your pup’s eyes, call your veterinarian. There are anti-inflammatory eye drops and other treatments they can recommend. If it gets too far gone, surgery may be the only option. 

MINI SCHNAUZER health concerns, MINI SCHNAUZER bladder stone, MINI SCHNAUZER urinary stones, MINI SCHNAUZER bladder infection, MINI SCHNAUZER lifespan
Happy go-lucky mini Shnauzer


Sadly mini schnauzers are not as healthy as their larger dopelgangers. As a breed, they have more occurrences of urinary stones than any other. 

STAT: According to a study in the American Journal of Veterinary Research (1998-99), 47 percent of small dogs reported to have stones were Miniature Schnauzers. 

Females are most likely to develop struvite usually appear at the same time as a urinary tract infection. Older Males are more likely to develop calcium oxalate stones

Bottom Line

We touched on many breed specific issues but we did not cover them all. If you have a dog or are thinking about adding one to your family, do your research! A great place to start is always the American Kennel Club


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