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Holiday gift guide for pets: What is Team PRIDE+GROOM getting our pets for the holidays this year?

Let's face it: since we launched PRIDE+GROOM, some of our pets have been working as hard as we have. Leo handles quality control by personally testing every new product on himself. Penny & Kiki have taken multiple trips to Pennsylvania to model for QVC, on top of their local modeling gigs. Waffles is always paws-on at adoption and fluff up events, and Manny & Liz are representing the entire feline community all on their own. So this year, we dedicate our Holiday Gift List to the ones that inspire us: our pets! They are our family, and the best part is: YOU can enter for a chance to win everything on this list on our Instagram, starting December 1st! Are you ready to shop? Click on any of the gift items below to purchase them directly from each of the brands featured!

Jane Wagman, Co-Founder 

DOGS: Pepper, Schnitzel and Waffles
On her list: EMBARK DNA Test

“There are a bunch of DNA tests out there, but I like Embark because they have the largest breed database. We have all been convinced that our little chi, Waffles, who we rescued from Animal Haven, is a Chiweenie (chihuahua + dachshund). Look at the picture and take a guess, then scroll down for results!”

waffles, Jane's dog

P.S. our friends at Embark have something special for you this holiday season! Go to for discounts on Embark's Dog DNA Tests this holiday season.

waffles dna test dog results

Carrie Bassel, SVP Strategic Partnerships

carrie's gift guide for dogs

DOG: Cookie, Shih-Tzu

On her list: Bonne et Filou Advent Calendar

“My dog Cookie loves cookies just as much as Santa, especially the French kind. I can’t wait to spoil her with a delectable selection of handmade dog truffles, bones and macarons.” 

dog with advent calendar, bonne et filou

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Patricia Machado, Co-Founder

patricia's dog gift guide for christmas 2022

DOG: Leo, Shih-Tzu
On her list: ZippyPaws 8 Nights of Hanukkah Box

“We can’t wait to celebrate the Festival of Lights with ZippyPaws’ 8 Nights of Hanukkah holiday box! I’m giving this to Leo so he doesn't get jealous of his human sister Sophie's Hanukkah gifts. He is going to get 8 nights of his own!

zippy paws, hanukkah toys for dogs

Paige Chernick, Social Media Director

paige, social media manager

DOGS: Charlie, Poochon and Sawyer, Golden Doodle

On her list: Trill Paws “In Dog We Trust” Tags

“My dogs are social media stars, and they deserve the best bling for the ‘gram. Gold and customizable? Count us in!”

dog tags

Heather Perlman, Co-Founder

heather, dog gift guide

CATS: Manny and Liz

On her list: Pet Supplies Plus GIFT CARDS

“My cats heard the cat toy section at Pet Supplies Plus is dope! They can use the gift card and choose whatever they would like!”

pet supplies plus gift card

DOG: Pip

Also on her list: Modern Beast Holiday Beast Stocking

“We always want to make sure PIP has a stocking of his own right on our mantel. With so many goodies and treats inside, it will make every dog feel like part of the family during the holidays.”

dog's stocking by modern beast

Regina Haymes, Co-Founder

regina's dog gift guide

DOGS: Penny, Cavapoo and Kiki, Standard Poodle

On her list: Lambwolf Collective ORII Ultra Lightweight Travel Mat

“I love the Lambwolf Collective ultra lightweight travel mats for an extra cozy and pretty cushion on our car rides. This mat is designed for both function and comfort. It also works really well as a travel bed when we are visiting friends or staying in hotels.” 

lamdwolf travel mat for dogs

Carlos Parga, Director of Digital Marketing

carlos' dog gift guide for christmas 2022

DOG: Molly, Poodle mix

On his list: PRIDE+GROOM Deluxe Gift Set

“I want my parents’ dog, Miss Molly, to always look, feel, and smell her very best! PRIDE+GROOM to the rescue!”

p+g deluxe gift set for dogs

Judith Besnainou, Assistant

Judith, presents for dogs ideas

DOG: Coco, Havapoo

On her list: JUST FRED Lil Baddie Sweater

"My little Coco wants to look like the ultimate baddie and stay super warm during the cold Montreal winters.”


just fred dog sweater

Also on her list: Brutus Broth Home for the Holidays Kit

“I love adding Brutus Broth as a healthy and delicious way to jazz up Coco’s kibble.  Because nothing is better than your pups getting in on the holiday festivities with your family, my pup will now enjoy their entire lineup, along with recipes, baking utensils, festive molds, and more.”

butus broth dog kit

Remember: YOU can enter for a chance to win everything on this list on our  Instagram, starting December 1st! So be sure to follow us and stay tuned!


PRIDE+GROOM was born because 4 New York City dog lovers wanted the same level of grooming products for their dogs that they themselves enjoyed. They looked (hard) but nothing was up to snuff. Or sniff. Like so many, we love our families and take pride in our homes, and we consider our pets to be integral parts of those entities. That said, we could not find an effective way to coif them that was on par with the way we tended to our children, our homes, or ourselves. These beloved pets are allowed on the furniture and in our beds, and yet even when fresh from the groomer, we knew they did not smell or feel as good as they could.

With the development of our coat-specific shampoos, conditioner and deodorizing spray, we think we found just the way to say thanks for being the best and the sweetest MVP of the house.

PRIDE+GROOM is the first dog grooming brand launched under a beauty platform, with formulas made in a clean beauty and scent lab. We know beauty is not only skin deep. We did a ton of research to create the entire line. Each product is formulated with its own unique blend of essential oils sourced from around the world.


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