Bringing  a new cat or kitten home is an exciting event, but not one to be taken lightly.  Although  cats and kittens are often considered  lower maintenance dogs,  you shouldn’t go  adopting a cat lightly.. Adult cats can live up to 20+years, so cat parents should be prepared for a long term commitment , before embarking on the the adoption journey.

When you decide that you are ready for cat adoption, you should consider whether you would like an older cat or a kitten, spending  time with your cat, before adopting its a good choice

Things to know before adopting a cat

A kitten requires more time for training and usually more trips to the vet for wellness visits and vaccines during the first year. If you lack the time or commitment for caring and training a kitten, an adult cat might be the best choice.  Also, saving an adult cat, especially from an overcrowded shelter  and bringing them in to a peaceful, quiet environment, is a good deed that can bring you years of love, devotion and appreciation.

When you are ready to adopt you can check your local shelter  and rescue sites for adoptable pets.  Filling out an application and getting pre-approved is a great way to make sure you are ready when your new friend becomes available.  Once you are allset to bring your new family member home, you will need the following essentials.

Essentials for adopting a cat

You will need to make sure you have the following essentials to ensure a smooth transition of adopting a cat:


Most shelters and rescues don’t provide adopters with a pet carrier. Some offer a cardboard carrier for smaller pets, such as kittens, but those won't last or work when you need to take your new kitten to the vet or on a trip.  Another helpful tip, is to get a durable (puncture proof) carrier with wide openings on the front and top to transport your new pet in a stress free way.


Ideally you want to interview Vets before you bring your new cat  or Kitten home.

Having a Vet picked out is important especially with pets coming from shelters or rescues, with limited resources.  It’s common to wait several weeks for an initial vet appointment, so it's important to have one lined up.You need to have your vet’s phone number, saved in your phone for an emergency.  You’ll want to take any medical records you received from the adoption center on your first visit. So they know what vaccines are due or to solve their health issues.


One of the advantages of adopting cats is that they can use a litter box with kitty litter , rather than having to go outside, especially in the colder months a  litter box is much better.. When choosing a litter box you should look for one large enough for a cat to turn around in, has high sides to contain spray, and has a low entry lip (so it’s easy even for less-mobile cats to enter). 

There are lots of choices in design available, so you can even consider finding one that matches your living space.


To keep your cat’s food and water bowls sanitary choose stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. Plastic traps bacteria, even with regular washing. Remeber, cats need fresh water for good health..so give them plenty of  good food and water


Make sure to bring your cat or kitten home, to their  new environment with the same cat or  kitten food that they have been eating, If you're planning on switching their food, whether it is  be dry food or wet food make sure you transition them gently to avoid any tummy problems or reactions.

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6. BED 

Even if your new kitty ends up co-sleeping in your bed, their own cat bed might be a favorite napping spot. The bed should be warm and soft, and it should be located in a place that makes your kitty feel comfortable and safe. Find one with a washable cover, if you have a nice window sill you can choose one that mounts to the window so she can take in the world outside.  Make sure that the bed is big enough to fit your cat comfortably but still make her feel cozy.


Most cats need to scratch, and a cat scratching post can help soothe that urge. Having a scratching post  and teaching your cat to use it early will keep your furniture scratch free. If you have more than one cat, you should have at least one scratching post per kitty. 

8. TOYS 

Cats love to play!  Make sure you give your cat a lot of different toys. Pouncing is a favorite activity of cats, so balls and catnip-filled mice are good options. To avoid the danger of your cat choking on a toy, do not give them toys with small parts that can be torn off, such as bells, feathers, or pom-poms. Examine each toy to make sure it's safe for your cat before giving it to her or bringing it from the pet supply store.


Your cat should wear a collar in their new surroundings  with an ID tag in case they ever get lost. Pick a collar with  an automatic release that will snap open if your cat gets stuck on something. Make sure the collar fits well and won't irritate your cat's neck or affect her breathing and swallowing. A goodl rule is to allow enough room for two fingers to fit between the collar and the neck.


While some cats spend about half of her day grooming themselves, they still need a little help sometimes from their pet parent. Grooming your cat can not only help with shedding and cleanliness, but also helps build a bond between you and your precious Kitty.

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Cat Brushes 

THE ONLY ONE: Your cat already uses her tongue to lick her body clean, but brushing your cat’s fur can help your cat maintain a healthy coat and nourished skin. A good cat brush will remove dirt, help spread natural oils throughout her coat and prevent tangles. It’s also a great opportunity to scan your pet for pests or skin conditions. For shorthaired cats, brushing once a week will do. Long Haired cats require brushing daily. 

Bathing Your Cat

Most cats aren’t exactly thrilled about being submerged in water, but bathing can sometimes be a necessary part of cat grooming. Most cats may never  need a bath, but if they ever get sick to their stomach or roll around in a house plant a bath may be required.  Use THE SENSITIVE ONE AND FINAL COAT.  for a nourishing hydrating clean that will give even the best self-groomers an impressive coat.

For those cats who water is not an option try THE MANE TAME waterless shampoo.  For a cleansing waterless bath. 

Clipping Claws

Nail clipping is an important part of pet grooming, but it’s also one of the most stressful. If clipping your cat's nails is outside of your comfort zone, make an appointment with a groomer or veterinarian.


Try to get your kitten or cat used to dental care.. Use a cat toothbrush and toothpaste to prevent dental disease. Many cats become more prone to dental disease as they age.

For pet lover, adopting a cat is an exciting step that can bring years of friendship and joy to your life. Making sure that you are prepared will make a smooth and stress free transition for you and your new family member.


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