Dog in Rainy Weather, Dog in Rainy Season

Caring For Your Dog in Rainy Weather

Rainy season (and soon, snowy) is already upon us. For some dog parents, a rainy day means a wet dog and a dirty home. But for others, there’s something undeniably alluring about the idea of heading out on a long trek through the cascading rain with only your beloved dog for company.

Do you dread rainy days? Do you fear that your house would become a puddle? You may wonder "how do I keep my dog clean when it rains?" If you have a dog that needs walking, your worries are rational. However, you can always find simple solutions to help you. Your home and your pet will be clean.

Caring For Your Dog in Rainy Weather, Dog in Rainy Weather

Regardless of how you feel about wet dog walks, once you get home, there’s the inevitable post-rainy walk clean up to deal with. Thankfully, these days you can readily pick up products like super absorbent towels and canine raincoats that will make your home a whole lot dryer and markedly less messy after rainy walks.

Here are some mess-busting products that can help keep your dog (and home) clean and dry after rainy dog walks.

The Perfect Towel

No matter how well you protect your pooch when you’re out in the rain, getting wet is inevitable. You’re going to want to have the perfect towel near the door to dry your dog off immediately after walking in.



THE TOWEL by PRIDE+GROOM is a handsome, thick, and thirsty microfiber towel cleverly designed with pockets on either end so you can pop your hands in and get your squeaky clean pup in no time. This thick microfiber towel makes getting your dog dry and warm after a rainy walk quick and easy. 

Keeping your pet’s coat dry isn’t possible all the time. But rubbing them dry with a towel after outdoor adventures in the rain or muck is always a good idea. Some pampered pooches prefer the blow dryer, but few dogs can resist a brisk rubdown. Plus, when fur is left damp, it provides an excellent environment for:

  • Molds

  • Fungi

  • Bacteria

  • Mildew

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A Stylish Raincoat

Many people wonder whether their dog should wear raincoats. Dog raincoats offer all kinds of benefits for both pets and pet parents. For pups reluctant to walk in the rain (who can blame them?!) a dog rain jacket may help make them more tolerant of yucky weather by keeping them warm and dry!

A raincoat, especially a hooded dog raincoat, will not only protect your pup from getting cold or soaked in the rain, but it will also provide an added layer of protection from the wind. You can find lots of different options for dog rain gear—various fabrics, colors, and waterproof and breathable choices are all available.

The Right Paw and Fur Cleaners

dog shampoo

Can we talk about “wet dog smell” for a minute? Ever wonder what the recipe is for this particularly pungent scent? Scientists did too, and some have started sniffing around for the chemical components that raise this unique stink.

Andy Brunning, a British chemistry teacher, has distilled the essence of the complex molecular reactions into an infographic posted on his blog, Compound Interest. This is just one in his series of infographics offering scientific explanations for odors that greet—or assault—our nostrils on a typical day, like new car, toilets, coffee, fresh-cut grass, and bacon, for example.

Aroma of wet dog, Brunning explains, starts with a cast of tiny critters—yeasts and bacteria—that take up residence on your pet. “When you’re taking your dog for a walk,” he says, “you’re actually taking a whole host of microorganisms for a stroll, too.”

In the process of going about their lives, they leave behind “micro excreta” in the form of volatile organic compounds. The smell of wet-dog, Brunning says, comes from moisture evaporation that carries some of those compounds with it. Brunning characterizes the signature odor as a mixture of scents, including almond, fruit, honey, and mushroom, with hints of sulfur and feces.

He notes that there haven’t been millions of dollars dedicated to the study of this problem, and there’s much more to learn. But he ends with a call to action. “[We] at least know that it’s not the dogs themselves we should be blaming for the terrible smell, but rather the microorganisms they carry.” In order to help keep your pup clean after the rain, as well as remove that “wet dog smell,” here are a few products we recommend keeping on hand:

Dog wipes: Try THE SWIPE by PRIDE+GROOM. These are awesome to have in the house or with you in the car for any dirty, wet or muddy situation. They can be used on specific areas like paws, or on hard-to-reach spots such as inside their smelly ears or around the butt area. Your furry friends will thank you after a walk on a rainy day!

Your dog's ears can be another potential health concern. Especially in wet weather, keeping the ears dry in animals is crucial. Of course, we pup owners can't always control it. Any ears that fold over may not get wet on the inside, but they’ll stay moist longer. As a result, ears are prone to a variety of yeast and bacterial infections.



Paw cleaning tools:  There are many products out there to help you clean up your pooch, one paw at a time. We recommend THE MANE TAME waterless, foaming shampoo by PRIDE+GROOM, perfect for cleaning up messes and your pet's paws in a short amount of time, without any water! You can massage some of the foam directly into the paws, and even use a towel to help finish the job.



A good dog shampoo: If a bath is necessary, you’re going to want to make sure you are using the best products for your pup’s skin and coat. PRIDE+GROOM makes coat specific shampoos that work well with dogs who have hair, fur, and even sensitive skin. Warm water and towels to clean and dry your dog are great ways to keep the weather out of your home—and your pal comfy and clean.


Catch odors:  You may have your dog all dried, but an odor could still be there. Pet towels and beds are sure to have a bad smell after a few days of rain. Odor eliminators and deodorizers can be of great help in these situations. Happiness is a great smelling pet. Make sure to only use those with natural ingredients, otherwise, your pet may get allergies and skin irritation.  

We recommend PROUD by PRIDE+GROOM, their signature scent. With notes of bergamot, citrus and ylang ylang, it's fresh, unusual, and just like your dog, an instant mood lifter. Feel free to use it on yourself, your furniture, or anywhere that needs a little freshening up.


When It Rains It Pours

Rainy season is one of those special times for you to learn to appreciate your pet’s personality quirks. Whether your pooch likes to prance in the rain or pout under their covers, they depend on you to help them get through the wet weather season. When the days turn rainy, it can affect your dog’s mental and physical health as much as it does your own. That’s no fun for anyone. As a pet owner, it’s up to you to ensure that your cultured canine survives the season in the height of style and health.

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Watch Out For Puddles

Dog Care in Rainy Weather

They might be fun to splash in, but large puddles can also be dangerous on dog walks. While you won’t be able to avoid them completely, it’s best to be wary of large, deep puddles as it’s difficult to know what’s below the surface, potentially leading to injured paws if there’s anything sharp hiding at the bottom. It's essential to be aware of your dog's safety and create a secure routine for them when you are walking. Knowledge is power.

Even if your dog loves walking in the rain you should think twice before taking them on a long walk. There are hidden dangers with walking your dog in the rain that you might not have thought of.