Catskill Region for Dogs

A Guide to the Catskill Region for Dogs (and their Humans)

The Catskill Region is a beautiful mountain range sprawling across southeastern New York State. Spanning more than 700,000 acres of public and private land in Catskill Park, this stunning section of the Appalachian Mountains welcomes pups to hike epic trails with crashing waterfalls, climb aboard a scenic train, stay in luxurious lodgings and have dinner with a view.

The Catskill Mountains are also famous for its thousands of miles of diverse hiking and mountain biking trails, some of the state's best ski resorts, opportunities for rock climbing, and abundance of lakes, ponds, creeks, and streams for paddling adventures, swimming, fishing and beginning new adventures.

What's more, despite being rural, the region also offers a vibrant cultural scene of farm-to-table restaurants, fantastic craft breweries and wine-tasting tours, and even art galleries. Furthermore, what makes this area of natural splendor all the more appealing is this: the Catskill Mountains are located just two to three hours from Manhattan by car, rendering the region one of the most accessible and tempting getaways for many urban dwellers.

While I totally identify as a city gal, there's nothing quite like getting out-of-borough to appreciate all that the rest of the state has to offer for me AND my dog. One of my favorite escapes is to head north to the Catskill Mountains. Heading up to the mountains has become one of my favorite destinations year round. The possibilities to enjoy the sights with your dog are becoming more and more as the years go on. Let’s explore some!

Dog Friendly Catskill Hotels:

From chic lodges to relaxing inns, there’s a property for everyone—and their pets! These are just some of the pet friendly hotels and options available in The Catskill region for guests and their pet. Always be sure to call the lodging property or visit their rules online prior to your visit to confirm they are pet-friendly, check the latest prices, and to let them know you’re bringing your dog as additional fees may apply at check in.

  • Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in Hunter – features modern guest rooms and suites with a contemporary lodge feel and many amenities including a dog-friendly restaurant and free wifi. Scribner's believes adventures should be shared with your four-legged family members, so they have created a special program for pups like yours that are visiting.
    All Pupstaters will receive a bandana, dog tag, toys and treats to take home as well as bowls to use while they are visiting Scribner’s.

  • Emerson Resort in Mt. Tremper - Designed with the splendor of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley in mind, open spaces and oversized windows expose stunning views and bring the beauty of the outside in.

  • The Woodhouse Lodge in Greenville – is a 10-room hotel with “shaker meets mid-century modern” design and décor.

  • Glen Falls House in Round Top – is a boutique hotel surrounded by hiking and biking trails. Features select rooms for pets.

  • Eastwind Hotel & Bar in Windham – features carefully designed and decorated rooms, as well as Lushna cabins. Features select rooms for pets.

  • Bavarian Manor Country Inn in Purling – is a Victorian inn with a European atmosphere.

  • The Mountain Brook in Tannersville – is an upscale Adirondack-style lodge, and features select rooms for pets.

  • Catskill Mountain Lodge in Palenville – is a family-owned lodge with various room options, and features select rooms for pets.

  • Winwood Inn and Condominiums in Windham – features inn rooms and condominiums located near Windham Mountain. Features select rooms for pets.

  • The Long Neck Inn in Catskill – is a boutique inn located at an abandoned zoo that also has glamping sites available for the night. Features designated rooms for pets.

  • Blackthorne Resort in East Durham – is a family-owned Irish resort with on-site activities.

  • Hotel Vienna in Windham - a 30-room pet friendly hotel near the Windham Path. This hotel welcomes your pet with:

    • Complimentary treat bag 

    • Water bowls delivered to your room on demand 

    • Pet exercise areas nearby 

    • A concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, and pet shops 

    • Courtesy bags for walking your dog 

    Their team can happily coordinate additional pet services, such as grooming, pet-sitting, and walking.

There are also many Airbnb and VRBO listings that are pet friendly throughout the entire Catskill region.

Where to Hike in Catskill State Park and Beyond:

Get outdoors and explore all of the heaven-for-dogs trails in the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County New York. 

  • Pratt Rock – is a 3.1-mile roundtrip hike off of Route 23 near Prattsville. You’ll see Pratt Rock, considered “New York’s Mount Rushmore,” which is a monument honoring early settler Zaddock Pratt.

  • Diamond Notch Falls – is a 2.2-mile roundtrip hike or 4-mile loop that features Diamond Notch Falls, also known as West Kill Falls. The trail can be accessed on Spruceton Road in Lexington.

  • The Windham Path – is a 1.5-mile loop accessed from Route 23 in Windham.

  • Windham High Peak via Burnt Knob – is a 7-mile hike that features incredible mountain views, and is accessed from Big Hollow Road in Maplecrest.

Where to Eat and Drink:

Several local restaurants and breweries offer outdoor dining and seating that welcome your dog too. Some even have a food and treat menu just for your dog! From a delicious breakfast to a brewery, the following are a few options of pet-friendly establishments from town to town. Always be sure to call ahead when visiting additional locations to see if your dog can join!

Other Dog Friendly Activities:

-Discover the Region’s Biggest Waterfall: Kaaterskill Falls Trail will lead you and your pooch to the highest cascading waterfall in NY and one of the top attractions in the region. At over 260 feet, Kaaterskill Falls is a stunning payoff at the end of a moderate, one-mile hike. Stop for a “paws” on the observation platform at the top and admire the cascades before hiking back to the trailhead. 

-Get You Pup’s Tail on the Rails: Pedal with your pup on a unique journey with Rail Explorers in Phoenicia. Utilizing a mode of transportation that was once reserved for maintenance workers, this cool company allows visitors to be their own guides on disused railway tracks that wind through the trees. Small dogs can sit on your lap in Tandem or Quad Rail Explorers, while big dogs can sit comfortably on a rail bike’s platform. If you prefer a guided ride, book a golden hour tour for great photos of the Catskill region.

-Enjoy A Walk In the Park: Art Omi is a pet-friendly, not-for-profit arts center with a 120-acre sculpture and architecture park and gallery. The distinctive park contains more than 60 works by artists and architects that are added to, swapped out and developed every year. Leashed pups can join their owners throughout the outdoor areas for a scenic sculpture stroll or to check out the talented skateboarders performing tricks in The Ceremonial Bowl, a concrete sculpture built for the sport.

FAQs About The Catskill Mountains:

How were the Catskill Mountains formed?

Stretching all the way to the Appalachian Mountains and rising from the Hudson Valley, the Catskill Mountains are not geologically considered mountains at all – they are actually a  dissected plateau. Parts of the land were eroded and shaped by sediment deposits and flowing waterways, creating towering mountain-like cliffs.

Fun Fact: Panther Mountain, one of the Catskill High Peaks, is thought to be the place of a meteor landing that occurred 375 million years ago.

What is the tallest mountain in the Catskill region?

Slide Mountain  is the highest peak, with a summit elevation of 4,180 feet. It is located in the Eastern region of the Catskills in Ulster County.

Are the Catskills part of the Adirondacks?

No, the Catskill Mountains are not part of the Adirondack Mountains, which are further north in eastern upstate New York. However, the Catskill Mountain range does connect to the Pocono Mountain range in Northern Pennsylvania.

What is there to do in the Catskill Mountains?

The Catskills have been an escape for those looking to leave the bustling city lifestyle for hundreds of years. From  all-inclusive, family-friendly resorts  to endless  outdoor recreation  opportunities, the Catskills are a natural haven for adventure.

When can I visit the Catskills?

Visitors can enjoy the Catskill Mountains year round. When the snow starts to fall, the  ski resorts in the Catskills  come alive with skiers and snowboarders and the  snowmobiling trails  start buzzing with sleds.

In the summer, resorts offer  adrenaline-pumping activities  like mountain biking and zip-lining, or you can become a member of the Catskill Mountain  3500 Club by hiking each of the 35 Catskill Peaks over 3,500 feet in elevation.

What are the Catskill rivers, lakes and streams like?

The Catskill Mountains were shaped by its waterways, which today are popular spots for recreational water sports like kayaking, canoeing and rafting. The Catskills are also known as the  birthplace of American fly fishing. The Delaware River System is stocked with more than 60 species of fish including species of trout, bass, perch, panfish, walleye and more.

The Catskills also provide clean and unfiltered drinking water for nine million people. The NYC Watershed has 19 reservoirs that provide fresh water to New York City through four supply systems: Catskill Supply System, Delaware Supply System, Croton Supply System, and Catskill/Delaware Supply System.

Are there historic sites in the Catskills?

The Catskills have helped shape American culture as the setting for many 19th-century Hudson River School paintings and the historic 1969 Woodstock Festival. Museums throughout the region celebrate the legacy of  Catskills art and culture , such as the Thomas Cole Museum, Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, Hanford Mills Museum and the Museum at Bethel Woods.

What are the Catskill Mountains famous for?

The Catskill Mountains are infamous for being the site of the Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, NY in 1969 and for being the filming location for the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, Most recently it was the setting for the second season of the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.