There’s a reason you see oodles of doodles everywhere you go these days. Whether it’s a Goldendoodle or an Aussiedoodle, they are all unique in their own doodly way. But if they share one quality, it’s that they’re all basically dogs trapped in the body of a teddy bear. I have two doodles myself, so I definitely wanted to weigh in on this trending topic! So without further adoo[dle], here are 25 things that only doodle owners would understand:

1. They. Have. So. Much. Energy!
2. That being said, they are also perfectly content sleeping all day.
3. No two doodles look exactly alike!
4. Most people will have trouble guessing what kind of doodle they actually are, but they will still try to guess.
5. It’s hard to have just ONE doodle. IYKYK…
6. They are extremely goofy, in the best way possible.
7. A haircut can either turn them into a fluffy teddy bear, or a naked mole rat. It’s a make or break.




8. Doodles can look you in the eye and get you to give-in to just about anything.


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    9. They have mastered the head-tilt and always seem to be listening to you when you speak.

    10. They will shrink when wet! No, really. You might check to see if it’s the same dog.
    11. Doodles are excellent therapy dogs! Their combination of breeds are often intuitive, obedient, and great at calming people.
    12. You probably have posed your doodle for a professional photoshoot once or twice. It’s ok, we have no judgment here! They’re SO cute.
    13. ZOOMIES. It’s a daily occurrence.
    14. You may never do anything alone, like go to the bathroom, again. Doodles tend to never, ever leave your side (EVER). And why would you want them to?
    15. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Doodle! They somehow defy gravity when running and take flight!
    16. They sleep upside down with their legs and arms spread wide open. Also known as “the doodle pose.”
    17. The side-eye is real! Their expressions are almost humanlike, and boy do they know how to work it. When doodles give you the side-eye, you know they mean business.
    18. Did someone say “BALL”? Doodles are obsessed with toys, squeakers, and fetch! I have even had to hide some toys in my apartment because they constantly want to play!
      19. They’re excellent swimmers and love water. Poodles were originally bred to be water retrievers and often have webbed paws!
      20. Sensitive stomach? You’re not alone! Most doodles are known for having food allergies and stomach issues. I bet your doodle only eats the finest cuisine!
      21. Everyone stops to ask you where you got him/her from.
      22. You are friends with your groomer, probably because you see them so frequently! 


      23. They have a lot of friends! Maybe even more than you?
      24. They are ALWAYS doing something cute. And you are ALWAYS capturing it. Your camera roll probably has at least 1TB of doodle content.
      25. You wouldn’t trade your doodle for any other breed in the world! They are simply THE best!

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