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20 of the Funniest Questions Dog Owners Google

For pet owners, every day is a new adventure. Especially with dogs. There is always something to learn or ask an expert about. But admit it, you have sat at the computer and Googled just about everything regarding your dog. From medical ailments to general care questions, and everything in between, we are all guilty of Google searching… especially asking “does my dog love me?”.

But how many times have you thought to yourself, “if anyone saw my search history, it would be embarrassing!”? We would guess more than once…

We’ve all been in a situation where we want to know the answer to a question, but may think it sounds a little stupid. Luckily whenever we want to seem a little smarter we have Google, which doesn’t judge us and answers the questions in a matter of seconds!

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Here are some extremely funny Google searches that dog parents have entered into the query:

  1. Why do my dog’s feet smell like Fritos?
  2. Why is my dog staring at me?
  3. Can my dog kill me?
  4. Do dogs have belly buttons?
  5. Can dogs see ghosts?

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    1. Why does my dog chase his tail?
    2. Can my dog understand me?
    3. My dog farted and it really stinks.
    4. My dog ate a bee.
    5. Will a dog starve itself?
funny dog questions
  1. Do dogs dream? What do they dream about?
  2. Does my poodle know I am pregnant?
  3. Who would win in a fight? A cat or dog?
  4. Why does my dog eat grass?
  5. Little dog is peeing on the big dog.
  6. Why does my dog greet me with his butt?
  7. Does my dog even like me?
  8. Can my dog float?
  9. How do you know what your pet’s superpower is?
  10. Is my dog obsessed with me?
  11. Are dogs racist?
  12. What is this weird growth on my dog?
  13. Can I share this food with my pet?
  14. Can dogs see in color?
  15. Do dogs need braces?

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