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Who is your dog’s favorite family member? WHY?
Me of course - well, actually I think it's our housekeeper Nanih. Betty is obsessed with her.

Have you ever checked your phone to see if you had a missed call from your dog?
Honestly no.

What is your dog's favorite human food?
Chicken with Challah as a close second.

What is your favorite memory with your dog?
The day we got here and she had flown alone was just a baby but walked out of her crate wagging and smiling. I knew in that instant that she was going to be great!

What famous person does your dog most remind you of?
The superhero Bat Woman. She has a "mask" of black fur around her eyes and ears. Plus she's a superhero.

What is your dog's most distinguishing characteristic?
She barks when she hears doorbells or knocking on TV.

Have you ever licked your dog back?
No, I'm clearly not as crazy as all of you.

Is your dog a dog person or a people person?

What's your dog’s favorite song?
Who let the dogs out

What’s the smartest thing your dog has ever done?
She stands on her hind legs and presses herself against the door window if we try to leave her behind. It works every time, we always go back and get her.

What’s your dog’s moTTo?
When in doubt, bark.

Has your dog made you a beTTer person?
She and her late big sister Rosie have made our family better

Anything else you want to tell us about your 4-legged friend?
She's very very funny. She never just sits down. She's always in a crazy position.

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